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 Item #M11154 – The Battle of Britain was the first battle to be fought entirely in the air and the longest aerial bombing campaign in history.
October 31, 1940

Battle of Britain Ends

On October 31, 1940, the nearly four-month-long Battle of Britain came to an end.

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 Item #M9118 – Ali was dubbed “The Greatest,” “The People’s Champion,” and “The Louisville Lip.”
October 30, 1974

Ali Wins the “Rumble in the Jungle”

On October 30, 1974, Muhammad Ali faced off against heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman in the “Rumble in the Jungle.”

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 U.S. #1016 was the first bi-colored U.S. postage stamp ever produced on the rotary press.
October 29, 1863

International Red Cross Establishes Goals

On October 29, 1863, representatives from around the world joined together to establish the International Red Cross.

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 U.S. #696 – The Statue of Liberty has welcomed over 12 million immigrants passing through New York harbor.
October 28, 1886

Grover Cleveland Dedicates Statue of Liberty

On October 28, 1886, the Statue of Liberty was completed and dedicated.

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 U.S. #4078 – Speeches such as “A Time for Choosing”earned Reagan the nickname, “Great Communicator.”
October 27, 1964

Ronald Reagan Enters National Politics

On October 27, 1964, Ronald Reagan delivered his “A Time for Choosing” speech for Barry Goldwater’s presidential campaign, making him a national name.

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 U.S. #113 – This Pictorial was widely criticized as it appeared to show the horse leaping rather than galloping.
October 26, 1861

Pony Express Service Ends

After just 18 months, the Pony Express ceased operations on October 26, 1861.

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 U.S. #3121 pictures Davis on an inspection tour of the American front in France in 1944.
October 25, 1940

Benjamin Davis Becomes First African American General in the U.S. Army

On October 25, 1940, Benjamin O. Davis Sr. was appointed the first African-American general in US Army.

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 U.S. #1232 pictures the current state capitol in Charleston. The original capitol was in Wheeling.
October 24, 1861

West Virgina Votes to Secede from Virginia

On October 24, 1861, the people of West Virginia voted to secede from the Confederate state of Virginia.

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 U.S. #4194 – Dumbo was Disney’s fourth animated feature film.
October 23, 1941

Dumbo Debuts to Positive Reception

On October 23, 1941, Walt Disney released Dumbo, based on the children’s book by Helen Aberson-Mayer.

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