U.S. #C13-15 – Airmail stamps issued for the 1930 flight.
August 8, 1929

Graf Zeppelin Begins Round-The-World Journey From New Jersey 

On August 8, 1929, the Graf Zeppelin departed the airfield in Lakehurst, New Jersey, to return 21 days later.

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 Canada #C1 – Canada’s first airmail stamp pictures a pair of winged figures to represent flight.
June 24, 1918

Canada’s First Airmail Flight

On June 24, 1918, Captain Brian Peck made the first airmail flight in Canada.

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 U.S. #C3 was actually issued before #C1.
June 23, 1938

The Civil Aeronautics Act 

On June 23, 1938, President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Civil Aeronautics Act, creating the Civil Aeronautics Authority.

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 U.S. #3373-77 – The first and only missile mail was launched from a U.S. Navy submarine.
June 8, 1959

First and Only Delivery of “Missile Mail”

On June 8, 1959, the U.S. Post Office Department launched its experimental missile mail in an attempt to find a faster method of mail delivery.

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 U.S. #1770 features a family photo provided by Bobby’s wife.
June 5, 1968

Bobby Kennedy Assassinated 

Robert F. (Bobby) Kennedy was shot by an assassin on June 5, 1968, and died from his wounds early the next day.

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