U.S. #C119 pictures Sikorsky with his VS-300.
May 24, 1940

First Successful Single-Rotor Helicopter Flight

On May 24, 1940, Igor Sikorsky successfully flew the first single-rotor helicopter.

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 U.S. #C68 was issued on Earhart’s 66th birthday.
May 20, 1932

First Woman to Fly Solo Across the Atlantic 

On May 20, 1932, Amelia Earhart completed the first solo flight across the Atlantic by a female, five years to day after Charles Lindbergh first made the same trip.

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 U.S. #C10 was the first U.S. stamp issued to honor a living a person, spurred on by thousands of requests.
May 20, 1927

First Solo Non-Stop Flight Across the Atlantic 

On May 20, 1927, Charles Lindbergh began his famous flight across the Atlantic aboard the Spirit of St. Louis.

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 Item #M11008 – Mint sheet marking 75th anniversary of Hindenburg disaster.
May 6, 1937

The Hindenburg Disaster 

On May 6, 1937, the Hindenburg zeppelin caught fire and exploded within a minute, killing over a third of the people on board.

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 U.S. #4879 – “Chief” Anderson is often called the “Father of Black Aviation.”
March 19, 1941

Formation of Tuskegee Airmen

On March 19, 1941, the War Department ordered the creation of the the 99th Pursuit Squadron, better known as the Tuskegee Airmen.

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 U.S. #3173 was issued in 1997 to mark the 50th anniversary of Yeager’s historic flight.
February 13, 1923

Happy Birthday Chuck Yeager

The first person to break the sound barrier, Chuck Yeager was born on February 13, 1923, in Myra, West Virginia.

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 U.S. #649 – The brothers flipped a coin to decide who would fly the plane first.
December 17, 1903

Wright Brothers’ Famed First Flight

On December 17, 1903, brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright made the first successful heavier-than-air flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

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 Item #20027– Commemorative cover cancelled on Doolittle’s 90th birthday.
December 14, 1896

Birth of Aviator Jimmy Doolittle

James “Jimmy” Doolittle was born on December 14, 1896 in Alameda, California.

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 U.S. #2388 – The 1988 Antarctic Explorers stamps were issued to coincide with Byrd’s 100th birthday.
November 29, 1929

Richard Byrd’s First South Pole Expedition

On November 29, 1929, Richard E. Byrd made his first flight over the South Pole. It was the first of five expeditions he made there during his life.

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