U.S. #1189 was issued on Naismith’s 100th birthday.
January 15, 1892

Naismith Publishes Rules of Basketball 

On January 15, 1892, Dr. James Naismith published the rules for a sport he’d invented – basketball.

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 U.S. #1382 was issued for the 100th anniversary of the game.
November 6, 1869

First Intercollegiate Football Game

On November 6, 1869, Rutgers College and the College of New Jersey (later named Princeton) played the first game of intercollegiate football in America.

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 U.S. #3185j – From the Celebrate the Century series.
September 12, 1913

Birth Of Superstar Athlete Jesse Owens

Born on September 12, 1913, Jesse Owens broke several track and field records and won four Olympic gold medals. He was ranked as the greatest athlete in the history of his sport.

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 U.S. #2417 was issued at the 50th anniversary ceremony of the Baseball hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.
August 20, 1938

Lou Gehrig Hits Record 23rd Grand Slam  

Stepping up to bat in the first inning with the bases loaded, Lou Gehrig hit the 23rd grand slam of his career on August 20, 1938.

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 U.S. #3184a from the Celebrate the Century series.
August 11, 1929

Babe Ruth Becomes First Player to Hit 500 Home Runs 

Hitting the first pitch he saw, Babe Ruth made history on August 11, 1929, becoming the first player in Major League Baseball history to hit 500 home runs.

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 U.S. #O68 – Department of State Official Mail stamp.
July 27, 1789

Department of State Established 

On July 27, 1789, the Department of Foreign Affairs was created, which was later renamed the Department of State. When the U.S. Constitution was ratified in 1788, it specified that the President would be responsible for the country’s foreign relations. President George Washington soon realized he’d need help and requested the creation of a new executive department to help handle foreign affairs.

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 U.S. #3585 – Gateway Arch, Tallest Monument.
June 10, 1967

Gateway Arch Opens to the Public

On June 10, 1967, the Gateway Arch opened in St. Louis, Missouri.

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1974 10¢ Horse Racing
June 9, 1973

Secretariat Wins the Triple Crown 

On June 9, 1973, Secretariat won the Belmont Stakes race, becoming the first U.S. Triple Crown winner in 25 years.

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 U.S. #2089 pictures Thorpe in his Canton Bulldogs football uniform.
May 28, 1888

Happy Birthday Jim Thorpe 

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