U.S. #3306a – Daffy was the third honoree in the Warner Brothers stamp series.
April 17, 1937

First Appearance of Daffy Duck 

On April 17, 1937, Daffy Duck made his first appearance in Porky’s Duck Hunt.

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 U.S. #4350 was issued for Davis’ 100th birthday.
April 5, 1908

Happy Birthday Bette Davis 

Actress Ruth “Bette” Elizabeth Davis was born on April 5, 1908, in Lowell, Massachusetts.

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 U.S. #2411 was dedicated at New York’s Carnegie Hall.
March 25, 1867

Birth of Arturo Toscanini 

Conductor Arturo Toscanini was born on March 25, 1867, in Parma, Italy.

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 U.S. #5009 includes a crown, honoring Elvis’ role as the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.
January 14, 1973

Elvis’ Legendary Aloha from Hawaii 

On January 14, 1973, Elvis performed the first live worldwide broadcast concert – Aloha from Hawaii.

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 U.S. #2955 was issued a little over a year after Nixon’s death.
January 9, 1913

Birth of Richard Nixon 

Richard Milhous Nixon was born into a poor Quaker family in Yorba Linda, California, on January 9, 1913.

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 U.S. #5024 pictures a scene from A Charlie Brown Christmas.
December 9, 1965

Debut of A Charlie Brown Christmas

On December 9, 1965, A Charlie Brown Christmas first aired on television.

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 U.S. #3188e – From the Celebrate the Century series.
September 8, 1966

Star Trek Premieres 

On September 8, 1966, the first episode of Star Trek premiered on television.

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 U.S. #2058 pictures Farnsworth and first television camera.
September 7, 1927

Farnsworth’s First T.V. Demonstration

On September 7, 1927, inventor Philo T. Farnsworth made his first successful presentation of the “image dissector,” a crucial part of the first televisions.

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 Guyana #3942 – Betty also starred in two comic strips, a radio show, and two network animated musical specials
August 9, 1930

Betty Boop Makes Cartoon Debut

On August 9, 1930, Betty Boop made her first cartoon appearance in Fleischer Studios’ Dizzy Dishes. The last Betty cartoon was released in 1939, but since then, she’s enjoyed several “comebacks” and appearances in such hit movies as Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

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