Ty Cobb Becomes First Member of the 4,000 Hit Club 

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July 18, 1927, was just another day on the field as far as Ty Cobb was concerned. Playing for the Philadelphia Athletics, he received a warm welcome from the fans of his former team, the Detroit Tigers.  Ty went on to get two hits in four at-bats. But for baseball fans, its an important day – the day Cobb got his 4,000th hit, a first in the sport’s history.

Other players had gotten over 3,000 hits before. But little attention was given to such statistics in those days. In fact, the game’s announcers and most newspapers didn’t even mention the feat. And the one paper that did mention his hit in the first inning called it a “fluke double,” as the ball bounced out of the right-fielder’s glove.

Cobb is one of the most celebrated players in baseball history. He eventually had 4,191 hits, a record that wasn’t broken until 1985. Cobb set 90 records during his career, some of which he still holds today, including highest career batting average and most career batting titles.

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  1. Wow, the ‘This Day In History’ is starting to really grow on me. At first I thought it was a good idea – but since July 1st, I find myself making this site the very first one I visit every day! Really great idea and well appreciated by collectors everywhere I’ll bet.

    1. Why not include important historical events or persons from other countries? They also make nice stamps on these historical items that you frequently sell.. This will enrich your daily publications.

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