UN Issues Its First Stamps

United Nations #UN1 – The first UN stamp titled “Peoples of the World.”

On October 24, 1951, the United Nations issued its first postage stamps.

The UN was established on October 24, 1945 to replace the ineffective League of Nations. For its first few years in operation, the UN used U.S. stamps to frank its mail.

United Nations #UN494 – 1987 stamp honoring Secretary General Trygve Lie.

The idea for stamps issued specifically for the United Nations was first proposed in 1947, by Jose Arce. Arce was the ambassador from Argentina, president of the General Assembly, and an avid stamp collector.

In 1949,  Secretary-General Trygve Lie supported Arce’s idea and contacted the U.S. to see if the proposal was feasible. An agreement was reached that required UN stamps to be issued in U.S. denominations for use only at United Nations Headquarters in New York City.

The United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA) was established in 1951, shortly after the UN moved into its new headquarters in New York City. The UNPA then issued its first stamps later that year, on October 24, 1951 – the sixth anniversary of the founding of the United Nations. The UN is the only non-governmental organization in the world to have the privilege of issuing postage stamps. Mail with UN stamps can only be sent from its offices. Stamp enthusiasts made the trip to the headquarters to begin their new collections. By 1957, UN commemoratives regularly sold out.

United Nations #UN1-11 –The complete 1951 UN year set includes six stamps issued on this day in 1951.

The Geneva branch of the UNPA was opened at the Palais des Nations on October 4, 1969. The Geneva headquarters issued stamps denominated in Swiss francs. Ten years later, the Vienna headquarters began issuing UN stamps denominated in Austrian schillings. Treaties between the agency and the three nations guarantee that the UN Post Office classes and postage correspond to those at any United States, Swiss, or Austrian post office. Each country’s postal agency also receives revenue from the sale of UN stamps to offset the cost of processing the mail.

United Nations #UNG1-14 – The first 14 stamps issued by the Geneva office.

The United Nations profits directly when collectors purchase stamps for philatelic purposes. From the beginning, demand for UN stamps has been very strong. In 1976, the UNPA issued stamps from its New York and Geneva offices to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Three of the four denominations sold out the first day, and the fourth became unavailable within two and a half months. The New York Times ran a front-page article in 1979 featuring the International Year of the Child stamp, which also sold out on the day of issue.

United Nations #UNV1-6 – The first six stamps issued by the Vienna office.

Over the years, the UNPA has issued stamps to raise awareness of important global concerns such as peace, human rights, and environmental conservation. United Nations stamps have been called “Messengers of Peace” for good reason – each stamp symbolizes our hopes and dreams for a better world. Meaningful topics and neat designs also make UN stamps highly collectible.

Item #M9248 – Get all 31 UN “First Year” stamps in one convenient set.

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  1. The SMOM (Sovereign Military Order of Malta) is a non-government organization that issues
    stamps. While not recognized by the United States Their stamps are recognized as postage by
    about 65-70 countries.

  2. Interesting question as to whether the United Nations is accurately characterized as a “non-governmental organization.” After all with the unanimous agreement of its permanent members, the Security Council does have significant governance power.

  3. Today October 24 was and is a remarkable day for UN. Postage stamps delivery should always be remembered for the UN and the US.

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