Identify Any Stamp in Your Collection – Only $5


Have a stamp or cover in your collection you’ve always wondered about?  Let the experts at Mystic take a look!  Our new Stamp ID service offers fast identification of your stamps and covers for only $5 per item.  It’s easy – just fill out a simple online form and submit a digital photograph or scan of your stamp.  We’ll contact you in about 3-5 business days with our findings.  Identify those mystery stamps in your collection – it’s fun and affordable with Mystic’s Stamp ID service!

In most cases we will provide the country or issuing entity, Scott Catalogue number, and current Scott Catalogue value of the item pictured.  A lot can be learned from a high-resolution image, but findings are not guaranteed to be accurate.  Mystic’s Stamp ID service offers information about a stamp – it does not provide a certificate of authenticity or appraisal.

Images of U.S. and foreign stamps, blocks, covers, sheets, and sets may be submitted for identification.  One item per submission.  (Seten or attached stamps are considered one item, but must be submitted in a single image.)  Stamp ID requests must be submitted online – do not send stamp or covers by mail for identification.

How It Works

Step 1: Take a Picture or Scan of Your Stamp

Note: Proper identification depends on the quality of your image!  If using a digital camera or smartphone, take a close-up photo in a well-lit room.  If scanning a stamp or cover, a minimum resolution of 600 dpi or higher is acceptable.

  1. Remove the stamp from any protective covers, glassines, or mounts to avoid image distortion.
  2. Capture clear images of your stamp’s front and back on a dark or black background using a digital camera, smartphone, or scanner. Make sure the stamp is level – taking a photo on an angle can distort the details necessary for an accurate ID.
  3. Save the images in a memorable folder on your computer. Images must be in .jpg or .png format, with a file size between 200kb and 4mb.
  • A stamp scanned at 200 dpi. The details are small, blurry, and hard to see.
  • The same stamp at 600 dpi. The details are crisp and clear.

Step 2: Pay $5 and Upload Your Images

*Our Stamp ID service uses PayPal to process your payment.
You do not need a PayPal account to use the service.

Press the “Get Started” button below to complete your payment. You can use any major credit card, or your PayPal account.

After payment, click “Return to Mystic Stamp Co.” to complete the Stamp ID request form with your contact details and stamp information. Click “Browse” to select the stamp image from your computer that was created in step 1. Press the “Submit” button when finished.

Step 3: Get Your Stamp’s ID

You’ll receive an email response from an expert at Mystic in about 3-5 business days with more information about your stamp or cover.

In most cases, we will provide the country or issuing entity, Scott Catalogue number, and current Scott Catalogue value.

Only $5 per Item!

US #300

Do You Have This Stamp?

US #300 is the most commonly submitted stamp through our Quick ID Service.

The Scott Catalogue value of this stamp in mint condition is $12.00 and in used condition is 20¢.

Click on the image to learn more about this stamp and its history.