Welcome to Mystic!

We’re on a mission to bring the joy of stamp collecting to the world.

It’s at the heart of everything we do. Why? Because a world with more stamp collectors is a more thoughtful, peaceful, and curious place.

For more than 100 years, Mystic has made discovering the fun of stamp collecting easy. Every time someone like you joins, we feel proud. You’re not just part of our community – you’re vital to our mission of spreading the joy of collecting stamps.

What does a century of experience in the stamp world mean for you? 

After 100 years, taking care of collectors and spreading the joy of collecting is still what we’re all about. Every time you choose Mystic, here’s what you’ll get.  We know you’re going to love it.

If you’d like to learn more about us, check out our timeline of history over the past century.

Mystic stands behind every stamp we sell –so you can be confident you’re receiving exactly the stamp quality you’ve paid for.  Our standards are the strictest in the stamp world because your satisfaction is our top priority.  Doing business with Mystic means you’ll avoid dealers with lower condition standards – those who may try to sell you a lower condition for more money to turn a quick profit.

Mystic works hard to make sure you get the quality stamps and supplies you deserve.  In the unlikely event you need to return an item or have it replaced, our 90-day hassle-free policy covers every stamp and supply you order from Mystic.

dedicated, friendly, full-time, US-based Customer Service team handles all your questions.

to help build the collection of your dreams. Need help finding a special stamp?  Not sure what to collect next?  Contact us and a Personal Stamp Advisor will give you advice – it’s free!

Mystic lets you buy stamps in whatever way works best for you.  Know what you need?  Our website and catalog are simple and easy to use.  Want to inspect your stamps for up to 21 days before you pay?  Your Personal Stamp Advisor will send stamps you’re interested in to examine in the comfort of your home.  Looking to build a topical collection without spending time shopping?  Our stamp clubs send a new shipment of stamps to your mailbox each month, with no obligation to purchase.

Your business allows Mystic to support our great hobby.  Whether it’s sponsoring new members to the American Philatelic Society, donating stamps to give young visitors at the National Postal Museum, or offering rewards for famous missing stamps, Mystic is constantly working to ensure the future of stamp collecting.

Mystic is a 100% employee-owned company in the small town of Camden in upstate New York.  We employ 150 full- and part-time colleagues thanks to the loyalty of our valued customers.  And we always keep our small-town values at the forefront of our business.  We treat people the way we want to be treated.