Return Policy

Mystic’s Return Policy

Mystic works hard to make sure you get the quality stamps and supplies you deserve.  In the unlikely event that you need to return an item, this is our hassle-free policy:

90 Day Return Policy

You must be completely satisfied with any stamp or collecting supply you order from Mystic.  If not, simply return it to us within 90 days in its original packaging.  We will gladly issue a credit voucher or refund, whichever you prefer.

You can also contact one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives.  Just email or call toll-free at 1-866-660-7147.

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  1. Hello,

    I receive the Heritage Collection stamps (account #94558DHL*242). I was interested in the wine revenue stamps, but now the next series is for cigar and cigarette revenues. I am not interested in these, and will return the set you recently sent to me. Please don’t send the rest of them, nor the pages for them. Do you also want me to return the pages you sent with the first set of cigar/cigarette revenue stamps?

    Rather than send something else, perhaps you could let me know what else is in the series, or ask me about my collecting interests. I am not unhappy with your service, but I am not keen to collect these particular stamps.

    With appreciation,
    Don in Napa

    1. Thank you for contacting us, Don. You don’t need to return any pages sent with your collections – just the stamps you don’t want. A note has been made to your account to not send any further Cigar/Cigarette revenue stamps. If you want to discuss your areas of interests you can call 1-877-631-2221 and speak to a Personal Stamp Advisor.

  2. Thanks, I can’t afford much, I am a disabled veteran and live here in the Sam Rayburn Veterans home. Thanks. Michael Moore.

    1. Call toll free 1-866-660-7147 (M-F 8 am – 6 pm Eastern Time) and speak to a friendly customer service representative.

  3. Is there a source where I can determine ALL jointly issued US stamps with other
    countries to allow me to purchase the joint nation ie. Canada Hockey, Russia Space vessels, etc? I have the 1992 Columbus 400TH anniversary with the 4
    countries sharing that issue as well as Hanakah stamp with Israel issued couple
    years ago.
    How many Joint Issues are there? Believe 1992 was first one.

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