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Today, April 14th

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1973 10¢ Jefferson Memorial
April 13, 1943

Dedication of Jefferson Memorial 

On April 13, 1943, the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC, was officially dedicated. The dedication occurred on Jefferson’s 200th birthday in a short ceremony in the midst of WWII.

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1961 4¢ Civil War Centennial: Firing on Fort Sumter
April 12, 1961

Civil War Centennial Series

On April 12, 1961, the US Post Office issued the first stamp in a five-year series honoring major events from the Civil War. Issued for the war’s 100th anniversary, they were the first US stamps to specifically commemorate the conflict.

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QE4 - 1925 Special Handling 25¢, Deep Green
April 11, 1925

Special Handling Stamps

On April 11, 1925, the US Post Office issued its first Special Handling stamp, #QE4. Special Handling stamps enabled fourth-class mail to be delivered at the speed of first-class mail, which was especially important since many parcels contained live animals such as young alligators or baby chicks!

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1953 5¢ Opening of Japan Centennial
April 10, 1794

Birth of Matthew C. Perry 

The “Father of the Steam Navy” Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry was born on April 10, 1794, in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. Perry is best known for modernizing the US Naval Academy and opening friendly relations with Japan.

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More Black Heritage stories…

1978 13¢ Black Heritage: Harriet Tubman
March 10, 1913

Death of Harriet Tubman

Abolitionist and humanitarian Harriet Tubman died on March 10, 1913, in Auburn, New York. She was the most famous “conductor” on the Underground railroad, helping more than 300 enslaved people escape to freedom.

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2011 44¢ Barbara Jordan
February 21, 1936

Birth of Barbara Jordan 

Barbara Charline Jordan was born on February 21, 1936, in Houston, Texas. She was the first African-American woman elected to the Texas Legislature and the first African American woman from a southern state to serve in the US Congress.

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1967 25¢ Prominent Americans: Frederick Douglass
February 14, 1818

Happy Birthday Frederick Douglass 

While the exact date of abolitionist Frederick Douglass’s birth is unknown, it’s generally considered to be February 14, 1818. Douglass was an abolitionist and suffragist, one of the leading civil rights leaders of the 19th century.

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1982 20¢ Black Heritage: Jackie Robinson
January 31, 1919

Happy Birthday Jackie Robinson

Baseball legend Jackie Robinson, who was born on January 31, 1919, in Cairo, Georgia. He was the first African American baseball player in the major leagues and had an impressive decade-long career that earned respect and admiration.

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More stories from April 14th…

1940 3¢ Pan-American Union
April 14, 1890

Founding of the Pan American Union 

On April 14, 1890, the United States and several Latin American countries created the Pan American Union to address matters of common interest. This day has since come to be known as the “Day of the Americas” and “Pan American Day.”

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1866 15¢ Lincoln, black
April 14, 1866

First U.S. Mourning Stamp

April 14, 1866 was the earliest known usage of the first US mourning stamp, which honored Abraham Lincoln.  It was issued a year after his assassination, during a critical time in US history, when the country was attempting to heal from the bloody Civil War. 

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1980 Sullivan and Keller stamp
April 14th, 1866

Birth of Anne Sullivan

Anne Sullivan Macy was born Johanna Mansfield Sullivan on April 14, 1866, in Agawam, Massachusetts. Sullivan is most well-known for teaching Helen Keller to communicate by spelling out words on her hand.

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 US #4201 was issued for the 60th anniversary of this case.
April 14, 1947

Mendez v. Westminster

On April 14, 1947, the court case of Mendez v. Westminster was decided in favor of Gonzalo Mendez, an early success in the fight against segregation. 

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