2003 37¢ Roy Acuff
November 23, 1992

Death of Roy Acuff

The “King of Country Music,” Roy Claxton Acuff, died on November 23, 1992. He was the first living inductee into the Country Music Hall of Fame and is often credited with helping to popularize the style on a larger scale.

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1996 32¢ Songwriters: Hoagy Carmichael
November 22, 1899

Birth of Hoagy Carmichael

Hoagland Howard Carmichael was born on November 22, 1899, in Bloomington, Indiana. A self-taught pianist, composer, singer, and actor, Carmichael composed many of the most popular songs of the Big Band Era.

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1997 32¢ Lawrence Tibbett
November 16, 1896

Birth of Lawrence Tibbett

Lawrence Mervil Tibbett was born on November 16, 1896, in Bakersfield, California. Tibbett was the lead baritone at the Metropolitan Opera for 27 years – totaling more than 600 performances – and also appeared in plays and films.

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1991 29¢ Comedians: Fanny Brice
October 29, 1891

Birth of Fanny Brice

Actress and singer Fanny Brice was born Fania Borach on October 29, 1891, in New York City.  Most well known for her radio character Baby Snooks, she was the inspiration for the musical and film Funny Girl.

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1998 32¢ Gospel Singers: Mahalia Jackson
October 26, 1911

Birth of Mahalia Jackson

Mahalia (born Mahala) Jackson was born on October 26, 1911, in New Orleans, Louisiana. The best-known gospel singer in the world and one of the most influential vocalists of the 20th century, she received more acclaim than any other gospel singer, and is said to have been the vocal, physical, and spiritual symbol of religious music.

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1995 32¢ Jazz Musicians: Thelonious Monk
October 10, 1917

Birth of Thelonious Monk 

Jazz pianist and composer Thelonious Sphere Monk was born on October 10, 1917, in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.  Known for his unique improvisational style, he’s the second-most-recorded jazz composer following Duke Ellington.

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1995 32¢ Jazz Musicians: Louis Armstrong
August 4, 1901

Birth of Louis Armstrong

Louis Daniel Armstrong was born on August 4, 1901, in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Armstrong was one of the most influential jazz musicians in American history.  His distinct gravelly voice, skill in improvising lyrics, and mastery of the trumpet helped make jazz music a popular art form.

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1993 29¢ Legends of American Music: Bill Haley
July 6, 1925

Birth of Bill Haley

William John Clifton Haley was born on July 6, 1925, in Highland Park, Michigan. Called the “father of the rock revolution,” Haley and his band the Comets are credited with recording some of the first rock ‘n’ roll hits.

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1988 22¢ Black Heritage: James Weldon Johnson
June 17, 1871

Birth of James W. Johnson

James Weldon Johnson was born on June 17, 1871, in Jacksonville, Florida.  A poet, songwriter, diplomat, and activist, he was the first African American executive secretary of the NAACP.

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