1995 20¢ Transportation Series: Cog Railway, 1870s
August 29, 1869

Marsh’s “Railway to the Moon” 

On August 29, 1869, Sylvester Marsh demonstrated the world’s first mountain-climbing cog railway, earning the recognition and funds needed to complete it.

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1948 3¢ A Century of Friendship, United States - Canada
March 18, 1855

Niagara Railway Suspension Bridge

On March 18, 1855, the Niagara Railway Suspension Bridge officially opened. A joint project between the US and Canada, the bridge opened a new transportation route and marked the start of more than a century of friendship between our two nations.

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1952 3¢ B. & O. Railroad
February 28, 1827

Incorporation of B&O Railroad

One of America’s oldest railroads, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, was first established on February 28, 1827. The railroad was at the forefront of transportation history for decades – pioneer the use of steam engines to electric and beyond.

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1987 22¢ Steam Locomotives: Stourbridge Lion
August 8, 1829

The First Steam Locomotive in the U.S.

On August 8, 1829, the Stourbridge Lion became the first steam locomotive to be operated in the United States.

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2019 55¢ Transcontinental Railroad – Union Pacific No. 119
May 10, 1869

Transcontinental Railroad Completed

On May 10, 1869, the Transcontinental Railroad was completed with the driving of the golden spike at Promontory Summit, Utah. Completing the Transcontinental Railroad is widely considered one of the greatest accomplishments of the 19th century!

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1987 22¢ Steam Locomotives: Gowan & Marx
February 20, 1840

Impressive Run of the Gowan & Marx

On February 20, 1840, the Gowan & Marx made an impressive run, hauling more than 100 cars weighing 423 tons. It was one of the earliest 4-4-0 locomotives with equalizing levers and became internationally known for hauling a train 40 times its own weight.

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1966 5¢ Marine Corps Reserve stamp
November 7, 1921

Marines Ordered to Guard Mail

On November 7, 1921, President Warren G. Harding ordered 2,200 Marines to guard the mail in the wake of a series of daring mail robberies.

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1950 3¢ Railroad Engineers Issue
October 7, 1826

The Granite Railway

On October 7, 1826, the Granite Railway opened in Massachusetts. Built to carry granite for the Bunker Hill Monument, it’s been called the first chartered and commercial railroad in the United States.

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1901 2¢ Pan-American Exposition: Empire State Express stamp
September 14, 1891

The Empire State Express

On September 14, 1891, the Empire State Express became one of the world’s first high-speed passenger train, traveling 436 miles between New York City and Buffalo in 7 hours, 6 minutes. It averaged 61.4 miles per hour and reached a top speed of 82 miles per hour.

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