War of 1812

1975 13¢ Flag Over Independence Hall
April 4, 1818

The Flag Act of 1818 

On April 4, 1818, President James Monroe signed a flag act that changed the way the US flag was updated when new states joined the Union.  This act has affected every US flag issued since… 

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1937 2¢ Decatur & MacDonough stamp
January 5, 1779

Birth of Stephen Decatur

Stephen Decatur Jr. was born on January 5, 1779, in Sinepuxent, Maryland.  The youngest man in the navy to reach the rank of captain, Decatur was a hero of the War of 1812 and the Barbary Wars.

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1969 6¢ Alabama Statehood stamp
December 14, 1819

Alabama Becomes 22nd State

On December 14, 1819, Alabama was admitted to the Union as the 22nd state.

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1923 $2 Capitol stamp
November 17, 1800

Congress’s First Session in the U.S. Capitol

On November 17, 1800, Congress convened in the still-under-construction Capitol building in Washington, DC for the first time.  The Capitol building would undergo several expansions over the years, eventually growing to 16.5 acres.

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1998 32¢ Uncle Sam stamp
September 7, 1813

The Origins of “Uncle Sam”

On September 7, 1813, a newspaper referred to the United States as “Uncle Sam.”  The name reportedly came from Troy, New York’s Uncle Sam Wilson, and has since become one of America’s most enduring national symbols.

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1978 15¢ Americana Series: Fort McHenry Flag stamp
August 11, 1939

Fort McHenry National Monument & Historic Shrine

On August 11, 1939, Congress established Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine. The monument honors and preserves this historic fort where our national anthem was born. It’s also the only place in the National Park system to be designated a Historic Shrine.

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1945 Coast Guard stamp
August 4, 1790

Creation of the U.S. Coast Guard

On August 4, 1790, President George Washington passed a new Tariff Act that created the United States Revenue Cutter Service, the forerunner of the US Coast Guard. The Revenue Cutter Service was America’s only armed maritime service until the Navy was formed in 1798.

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1903 $1 Farragut stamp
July 5, 1801

Birth of David Farragut 

David Glasgow Farragut was born in Campbell’s Station (now Farragut), Tennessee, on July 5, 1801.  A Civil War naval commander, the rank of admiral was created specifically for him.

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 US #791 honors Macdonough and his ship Saratoga. It also honors Stephen Decatur and his ship United States.
December 31, 1783

Birth of Thomas Macdonough

Thomas Macdonough (born McDonough) Jr. was born on December 31, 1783, in New Castle County, Delaware.  The town in which he was born was later named McDonough in his honor. 

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