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Why is the number of mounts for a used year set different than the number for a mint year set?

Used year sets typically contain single used stamps and each stamp gets its own mount. Mint year sets will contain attached strips, blocks, and pairs and each of those formats gets one mount, so fewer mounts are needed.

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Why should I use mounts instead of hinges?

While hinges have been used for a long time, the adhesives used to attach the hinge to the stamp may damage the stamp’s gum. Hinges don’t offer stamps any protection. Mounts, on the other hand, are sturdy, archival-quality “envelopes” that gently surround your stamps. They preserve your stamps and prevent damage from common threats like … Read more

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Are measurements for Mystic Mounts the size of the mount or the size of the stamp?

The measurements listed for Mystic Mounts are the size of the mount. For example, SKU MM501, is a 45 millimeter (width) by 30 millimeter (height) mount. This size mount is ideal for stamps that are 40 millimeters by 25 millimeters. We also offer “strip” mounts. Order those based on the height of the stamp you … Read more

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Do you offer clear self-adhesive mounts?

We currently only offer black self-adhesive mounts. You can find them here. Or click here to browse our selection of clear water-activated adhesive mounts.

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Are the mounts you offer archival quality?

Our mounts are archival quality, acid-free, and free of softeners, so you can be sure that your stamps will be safe. They’ve been our preferred mounts since 1945, and some are still in use, protecting stamp collections to this day.

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What are the differences between Mystic’s stamp mounts?

We offer pre-cut clear drop-end mounts, black split-back mounts, black split-back strip mounts, and self-adhesive black split-back mounts. Click the links below to learn more about each. Pre-cut Black Stamp Mounts Pre-cut Clear Stamp Mounts Black Stamp Mount Strips Black Self-Adhesive Mounts

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Do I need to remove a stamp from encapsulation before I mount it?

It is up to your preference. Encapsulated stamps do not need to be removed from their film before mounting. If you do decide to take the stamp out of encapsulation, simply cut open one side of the film with scissors and gently remove the stamp.

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What is the difference between a hinge and a mount?

A hinge is a piece of glassine paper with water-activated adhesive on both ends. To apply a stamp to an album page using a hinge, lightly moisten the ends of the glassine paper and stick one side to the back of the stamp and the other side to your album page. A mount is a … Read more

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How do I figure out what size mount will fit my stamp?

Just measure your stamp’s width and height (mounts are measured in millimeters).  Add 5 millimeters to each measurement, then refer to Mystic’s mount list to find the corresponding size.  Or simply go to Mystic’s website and search by the stamp’s description or Scott number.  Mount sizes are listed on each stamp’s page in the lower right … Read more

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