About Mounts

How can I find out what mount size my stamp needs?

There are two ways:

  1. On our website, the page of the stamp you need a mount for shows a box that says “Mounts – Click Here.” This section shows the recommended mount sizes for that stamp.
  2. Search for a specific mount size by typing the measurements into our website’s search bar.

For example, if you need a 27 mm x 30 mm mount, type “27 x 30” into the search bar and click “View All.”

Why should I use mounts instead of hinges?

While hinges have been used for a long time, the adhesives used to attach the hinge to the stamp may damage the stamp’s gum. Hinges don’t offer stamps any protection. Mounts, on the other hand, are sturdy, archival-quality “envelopes” that gently surround your stamps. They preserve your stamps and prevent damage from common threats like fingerprints, dust, creases, and tears. Plus, they’re easy to use! Click here for more information.

Are measurements for Mystic Mounts the size of the mount or the size of the stamp?

The measurements listed for Mystic Mounts are the size of the mount. For example, SKU MM501, is a 45 millimeter (width) by 30 millimeter (height) mount. This size mount is ideal for stamps that are 40 millimeters by 25 millimeters. We also offer “strip” mounts. Order those based on the height of the stamp you need a mount for, then cut the strip to the width you need. Mount sizes for most stamps are listed on the stamp’s page.

Are the mounts you offer archival quality?

Our mounts are archival quality, acid-free, and free of softeners, so you can be sure that your stamps will be safe. They’ve been our preferred mounts since 1945, and some are still in use, protecting stamp collections to this day.

What is the difference between a hinge and a mount?

A hinge is a piece of glassine paper with water-activated adhesive on both ends. To apply a stamp to an album page using a hinge, lightly moisten the ends of the glassine paper and stick one side to the back of the stamp and the other side to your album page.

A mount is a sturdy “envelope” with a crystal-clear front. Mounts are adhered to the album page and then the stamp is slid into the pocket. Mounts are the best way to protect your stamps from common threats like fingerprints, dust, creases, and tears.