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I still have paper Mystic Profit Shares. Are they still good?

All paper Mystic Profit Shares have been automatically converted to our new electronic Rewards Points. You will no longer need the paper Profit Shares. If you’d like, you can mail your paper Profit Shares to us and we will review your account to make sure they have been converted. If you log into your account … Read more

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I recently bought stamps/coins offered in a letter. Why didn’t I receive Rewards Points for that purchase?

Some items we offer are “loss leaders” and help us find new customers for clubs or approvals. These offers are highly discounted and don’t earn Rewards Points. Sorry!

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I want to use my Rewards Points for an item on your website, but I don’t see the “Free with points!” line. Can I still use my points for that item?

Not all stamps, coins, and supplies on our website are available for Rewards Points. Visit the Mystic Rewards page here for a complete list of items available with Rewards. This list is updated regularly, so if an item you want isn’t available with Rewards, check back soon to see if it’s been added!

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How do I use my Rewards Points to get FREE stamps, coins, and supplies on your website?

At the bottom of our homepage, under “Shop,” click “Mystic Rewards” to see hundreds of free items you can get with Rewards Points. Also, while viewing an item on our website, if it’s available for Points, the price in Points is in blue under the stamp price. Simply click where it says “FREE with points!” … Read more

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How do I check my Rewards Points balance or use my points?

To view your Reward Points balance, simply log in to your Mystic account. From there, click on “Mystic Rewards” at the bottom of the page to view the items available for purchase with Rewards Points. The list is always being updated, so be sure to check back often!

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