About Stamp Albums

Why was the mint stamp I ordered hinged?

Mint stamps prior to the 1940s are more likely to have been hinged because stamp mounts had not been invented. After the 1940s, stamp mounts became more common, leading to less stamps being hinged.

Do you have a Hingeless Airmail Supplement?

We do not have a Hingeless Airmail album at this time. Airmail stamps can be found in Mystic’s Hingeless Heirloom Volumes 1 though 8. Volume 1: C1-C19; Volume 2: C20-C69; Volume 3: C70-C112; Volume 4: C113-C132; Volume 5: C133-C134; Volume 6: C135-138; Volume 7: C139-C147; and Volume 8: C148-C150.

What are “Hingeless” album pages?

Hingeless album pages have clear drop-end mounts attached to them.  They’re convenient, saving you the time and effort of affixing mounts. Simply slip your stamps inside the mounts and you’re done!