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I collect sheets of stamps. Which Mystic albums feature sheets?

Mystic’s yearly Heirloom supplements picture stamp sheets. We also have an Heirloom Sheet Collection album that pictures sheets from 1994 to present. We also offer membership into our Mystic’s Heritage Mint Sheet Collection, where you are sent mint sheets every few weeks. Call our customer service representatives at 1-800-433-7811 for more information!

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Do you have a Hingeless Airmail Supplement?

We do not have a Hingeless Airmail album at this time. Airmail stamps can be found in Mystic’s Hingeless Heirloom Volumes 1 though 8. Volume 1: C1-C19; Volume 2: C20-C69; Volume 3: C70-C112; Volume 4: C113-C132; Volume 5: C133-C134; Volume 6: C135-138; Volume 7: C139-C147; and Volume 8: C148-C150.

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What is the difference between your American Heirloom and Hingeless American Heirloom albums?

Hingeless American Heirloom album pages have crystal-clear mounts pre-affixed to heavier paper. The American Heirloom album uses a lighter-weight paper and does not have pre-affixed mounts.

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Why can’t I find an album picturing the stamps I collect?

If you can’t find an album picturing the stamps you’d like to collect, we recommend using our blank album pages (blank supplement pages & blank Hingeless supplement pages) With these pages, you can arrange your stamps in any way you’d like.

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What are “Hingeless” album pages?

Hingeless album pages have clear drop-end mounts attached to them.  They’re convenient, saving you the time and effort of affixing mounts. Simply slip your stamps inside the mounts and you’re done!

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What do “HM” and “HU” mean when it comes to stamp condition?

These are stamps with one or two minor imperfections that don’t detract from their beauty or collectibility but do save you money off Mystic’s U.S. Stamp Catalog prices. HM designates unused stamps. HU designates used stamps.

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How do I know which supplement pages will fit my album?

Click on “Supplies,” then “Pages.” This section features images and measurements of the majority of our products. You should be able to compare to your album size to find just what you need.

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What is the difference between an album and a binder?

An album is a binder with pages.  A binder does not include the pages, those must be purchased separately.

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What is the difference between Mystic’s Heritage and Heirloom supplements?

Mystic’s Heritage Stamp Collection pages illustrate US commemorative stamps.  The Heirloom Stamp Collection pages illustrate commemorative AND definitive stamps.

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