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What plate block position on a sheet is the most valuable?

From the 1940s to present, all plate block positions on sheets of stamps are worth about the same. For pre-1940 flat-plate-printed sheets, plate blocks with wider margins generally are worth more than plate blocks with thinner margins.

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For se-tenant and souvenir sheet stamps, what is the difference between Fleetwood FDC sets and FDC?

A First Day Cover (FDC) set has a cover for each single stamp in the set. The First Day Cover with a block or strip of stamps is one cover with the block or strip of attached stamps. Click here to see an FDC set and click here to see multiple stamps on a single … Read more

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I think my stamp should have a watermark, how can I tell if it does?

Watermarks are translucent letters or patterns impressed into the paper used to produce certain older US stamps. Click here for tips on identifying stamps with watermarks.

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Are Ziplock bags OK for long-term stamp storage?

Ziplock bags are OK for general stamp storage. We recommend storing unused and expensive stamps in albums, archival-quality mylars or glassines, or other storage intended for stamps. Click here to see Mystic’s recommended stamp storage options.

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What is included in the American Heritage Collection?

Mystic’s American Heritage Collection contains US Commemorative stamps issued from 1935 to the present. Volume 1 contains stamps from 1935 though 1994. Volume 2 pictures stamps from 1995 through 2010. And Volume 3 has stamps from 2011 though the present. Mystic’s Advanced Heritage Collection contains stamps issued from 1847 though 1934, plus US Airmails. Current … Read more

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Do you offer a starter kit for worldwide stamps?

Yes! You can find it here. This Explorer Worldwide Collection Kit was created by H.E. Harris and contains a high-quality album, hinges, a magnifier, and some worldwide stamps. That’s everything you need to get started collecting!

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Why do the margins on 2012+ imperforate US stamps vary? How do I know it’s a genuine imperforate?

The stamp margins vary a little depending on how it’s trimmed. These imperforates are cut by human hands, so the margins will not be perfectly even, but we can assure you that 2-3 of the margins will be large enough to show the stamp was cut from an imperforate press sheet. Additionally, imperforate stamps will … Read more

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What are unused and used stamps with small flaws?

In addition to stamps in very good and premium condition, Mystic sells stamps with small flaws. We do this so you can own old stamps that would otherwise be quite expensive to collect. These stamps are referred to as “unused with small flaws” and “used with small flaws” stamps. Typical flaws can include a small … Read more

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What is the difference between “Commemorative” and “Definitive” stamps?

Definitive stamps are also known as regular-issue stamps. They pay postage on everyday mail and are issued in a lot of denominations. Often a particular definitive stamp design is used for long periods of time, and sometimes reprinted to replenish supplies. A Commemorative is a stamp issued to honor an important person, event, or anniversary. … Read more

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