About Stamps

Why doesn’t the thumbnail image match the condition listed?

We try our best to provide an accurate image of our stamps. Sometimes what we picture is just a representation of the stamp, but no matter what, you will receive the condition you ordered. Some examples of stamp images you may see:

  1. A real image of the stamp in that condition
  2. A representation of the stamp in the condition listed (e.g. a mint stamp with a cancel superimposed for a used stamp)
  3. An image of a mint stamp in place of the listed condition
  4. An “Image coming soon” placeholder

How can I find out what mount size my stamp needs?

There are two ways:

  1. On our website, the page of the stamp you need a mount for shows a box that says “Mounts – Click Here.” This section shows the recommended mount sizes for that stamp.
  2. Search for a specific mount size by typing the measurements into our website’s search bar.

For example, if you need a 27 mm x 30 mm mount, type “27 x 30” into the search bar and click “View All.”

What are “space filler” stamps?

Space filler stamps are stamps with serious flaws such as a crack, crease, gouge, or missing piece.  These flaws allow us to discount the stamps significantly. Many of these are older, in-demand stamps that you’ll want to own.  We call these “space fillers” because they allow you to fill gaps in your album at a significantly lower price. 

What is a minor-variety stamp?


Some stamps have a “minor variety” of their normal stamp design. The Scott Catalogue states that these “…listings show a variety of the ‘normal,’ or major item. Examples include color variation or a different watermark…” Minor stamps can also include other random printing errors, including inverts and issues with perforations. One popular example of a minor variety stamp is #C3a, the Inverted Jenny.

What are Documentary Stamps?

Documentary stamps are a category of US Revenue stamp. They were used to show tax was paid on transactions documented on paper. Some of these stamps were later overprinted to be used for other purposes. Click here to see Documentary Stamps we offer.

Why was the mint stamp I ordered hinged?

Mint stamps prior to the 1940s are more likely to have been hinged because stamp mounts had not been invented. After the 1940s, stamp mounts became more common, leading to less stamps being hinged.