Don collecting stamps with his father and brother.

Collecting Helps Me Relax

I hope 2024 has been good to you so far. And that you’re finding some peace in your own corner of the world despite the often-unsettling headlines.

I know those headlines are worrisome with so much going on around the globe. Still, there’s one thing that never changes for me, and I hope for you, too. I’m more thankful than ever I chose stamp collecting as my lifelong hobby. It’s one place where I can find peace in a world I sometimes think has gone crazy!

The Wells Fargo Pony Express Stamps are some of my favorite stamps from the Wild West era.

Even though I can’t control outside events, I can always rely on my stamps to give me a much-needed break from the chaos. I can enjoy history, art, travel, science and lots more with my stamps. I can exercise my brain and become better informed about the world. I can relax and let my mind wander all over that world. Or go back in time to when my ancestors came to America, the history of the Wild West, the people from many nations who have contributed so much to our way of life, and the inventions that’ve made our lives better. There’s really no end to what stamps have taught me, nor to how much they’ve entertained me for the last 60 years.

Do You Remember Why You First Became a Stamp Collector?

For me, it was my stamp-loving dad and his teaching me all he knew about these fascinating little pieces of paper. I grew up in a small New Hampshire town where he just happened to have founded Littleton Stamp Company with my mom after WWII. He passed the love of stamps he had as a boy on to me. And when he did, he gave me the gift of a lifetime. I discovered the history and excitement and fun of stamp collecting at his knee. There was so much to learn about stamps and he encouraged me all the way. As you may have figured out by now, I’ve never gotten over my fascination with stamps. It has only grown as the years have passed. 

The Sundman boys learn about stamp collecting from our dad, Maynard.

I’m sure you have your own great story about how you caught the stamp collecting bug. And how it has made your life better, as it has mine. I’d love to hear about it.

So while we can’t control the latest news from Washington or the latest weather gone wild, we can control our time with our stamps. We get to choose how, when, and what stamps to collect. We get to lose ourselves in the sense of peace they bring. We get to make order out of chaos and find happiness on a gloomy day – just by spending time with our stamps.

Let Your Collection Take You Away

When the world gets too much for you or you just need some relaxation, take a walk through your collection. Remember to look closely, because every stamp has a story. As you study them, let them stir your imagination and satisfy your love of history, America’s heritage, foreign cultures, and great events that shaped the world. Just think, you have the pleasure and the privilege of enjoying your stamps now as well as preserving them for future generations. What a gift! I think of my collection as a kind of miniature museum.

I often call stamps “history you hold in your hands.” This isn’t just a phrase to sell stamps – it’s something I believe in. Stamps are that and so much more. They’re windows to the world that make us better citizens of our country and the human race. With them we can keep our brains sharper, experience the thrill of the chase, and even bring back those great childhood memories. (Thanks, dad!)

You don’t have to spend a dime to get all this fun and value from the stamps you already have in your collection. So get them out today and enjoy them. Above all… happy collecting!

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