American West

Glorieta Pass

Battle of Glorieta Pass

On March 26, 1862, Confederate forces launched the Battle of Glorieta Pass, aimed at breaking Union control of the West along the base of the Rocky Mountains. It has been called the “Gettysburg of the West” because it was a turning point in the Civil War.

Nellie Cashman

Death of Nellie Cashman

Nurse, businesswoman, and philanthropist Nellie Cashman died on January 4, 1925, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  Spending much of her life running boarding houses near mining camps and caring for sick miners, she became known as the “Miners’ Angel.”

Bill Pickett

Birth of Bill Pickett

Cowboy and showman Bill Pickett was born on December 5, 1870. During his life, he was famous for his “bulldogging” act at rodeos. Decades after his death, he became famous once again, as the subject of rare modern stamp error…