1998 32¢ Celebrate the Century - 1930s: Empire State Building
May 1, 1931

Opening of the Empire State Building

After 13 months of construction, the Empire State Building opened in New York City on May 1, 1931.  It was the tallest building in the world for nearly 40 years.  Despite being surpassed in height by several other buildings, it’s one of America’s most iconic buildings, hosting millions of tourists ever year.

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1957 3¢ American Institute of Architects
February 23, 1857

American Institute of Architects

On February 23, 1857, a group of 13 architects met in New York City and discussed founding an organization to “promote the scientific and practical perfection of its members.”  That organization became the American Institute of Architects.

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1981 20c James Hoban Fleetwood First Day Cover (Plate Block)
December 8, 1831

Death of James Hoban

On December 8, 1831, White House architect James Hoban died in Washington, DC.

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 US #1158 was issued for the 100th anniversary of the first US-Japan treaty.
February 21, 1885

Dedication of the Washington Monument 

On February 21, 1885, the Washington Monument was dedicated, 37 years after its cornerstone was laid.

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 US #3236p – One of Hopper’s most famous paintings, Nighthawks. Click image to order.
July 22, 1882

Birth of Edward Hopper

Realist painter Edward Hopper was born on July 22, 1882, in Upper Nyack, New York.

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 US #1280 was issued on Wright’s 99th birthday. Click image to order.
June 8, 1867

Happy Birthday, Frank Lloyd Wright!

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright was born Frank Lincoln Wright on June 8, 1867, in Richland Center, Wisconsin.

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 US #1779-82 – The first block in the series.  Click image to order or choose different formats or First Day Covers.
June 4, 1979

American Architecture Series

On June 4, 1979, the USPS issued the first block of four stamps in the American Architecture Series, which honors the evolution of American architecture over the last two centuries.

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1915 5¢ Panama-Pacific Exposition: Golden Gate, blue, perf 10
May 28, 1937

Opening of the Golden Gate Bridge

On May 28, 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge officially opened to traffic.

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 US #2470-74 was issued on this day in 1990. Click image to order.
April 26, 1990

Lighthouse Series

On April 26, 1990, the USPS issued the first booklet in its Lighthouse stamp series.

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