1932 Washington stamp
March 25, 1741

Birth of Jean-Antoine Houdon

Renowned sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon was born on March 25, 1741, in Versailles, France. He sculpted a number of high-profile figures during his life, including George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Voltaire, Thomas Jefferson, Robert Fulton, Napoleon Bonaparte, and more.

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2001 Leyendecker stamp
March 23, 1874

Birth of J.C. Leyendecker

Illustrator Joseph Christian Leyendecker was born on March 23, 1874, in Montabaur, Rhine Province, German Empire. He was one of the most popular and recognized illustrators of his day – popularizing the images of Baby New Year, Santa Claus, and more.

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2012 William H. Johnson stamp
March 18, 1901

Birth of William H. Johnson

Artist William H. Johnson was born on March 18, 1901, in Florence, South Carolina. He was one of the leading African American artists of the 20th century, best known for his bright folk style paintings.

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2010 Gottlieb’s Romanesque Façade stamp
March 14, 1903

Birth of Adolph Gottlieb

American artist Adolph Gottlieb was born on March 14, 1903, in New York City, New York. Gottlieb’s art was displayed in more than 250 exhibitions during his lifetime, and he’s considered to be one of the first American artists to embrace the Abstract Expressionist movement.

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1987 Happy Birthday stamp
March 4, 1924

“Happy Birthday to You”

On March 4, 1924, the song and melody of “Happy Birthday to You” were printed in a songbook.  One of the world’s most famous songs, it has been the center of controversy over ownership and copyright status for years.

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George Gershwin stamp
February 28, 1973

American Arts Series

On February 28, 1973, the USPS issued the first of seven stamps in its new American Arts Series. The stamps in the series honored artists from several different genres, including painting, music writing, and filmmaking.

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Rembrandt Peale stamp
February 22, 1778

Birth of Rembrandt Peale

Artist Rembrandt Peale was born on February 22, 1778, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He completed more than 600 paintings during his lifetime, including dozens picturing George Washington.

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2002 Ansel Adams stamp
February 20, 1902

Birth of Ansel Adams

Photographer Ansel Easton Adams was born on February 20, 1902, in San Francisco, California. Adams was one of America’s most famous photographers, known for his photographs of American landscapes, which helped promote environmental and conservation causes.

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Yellow Kid stamp
February 17, 1895

The Yellow Kid – Ground-breaking Comic Strip

On February 17, 1895, The Yellow Kid comic strip was first printed in the New York World. It was one of the first consistent Sunday comic strips, influenced the style of future comics, and was the namesake of “yellow journalism!”

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