US #2014 was issued for the garden’s 50th anniversary in 1982.
July 14, 1932

International Peace Garden

On July 14, 1932, the International Peace Garden was dedicated, representing the peaceful relationship between the United States and Canada.

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1960 4¢ United States and Japan Treaty
March 27, 1912

Cherry Trees Planted Along the Potomac

On March 27, 1912, US First Lady Helen Taft and wife of the Japanese ambassador Viscountess Chinda planted two Yoshina cherry trees on the northern bank of the Potomac River.  The plantings were in celebration of the Japanese gift of 3,020 cherry trees to the US government.

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 US #1376-79 were issued the day before the congress opened.
August 23, 1969

11th International Botanical Congress

On August 23, 1969, the US Post Office issued a set of four stamps for the 11th International Botanical Congress (IBC).

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 US #2760-64 – Spring Garden Flowers.
May 15, 1993

Garden Flower Series

On May 15, 1993, the USPS issued the first installment in the Garden Flower Series, which would honor flowers that bloom in each of the four seasons.

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 US #5280 pictures a close-up of a Peace rose. Click image to order.
April 29, 1945

The Peace Rose

On April 29, 1945, the Peace rose was made available for sale in the US.

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