2015 49¢ Music Icons: Elvis Presley
December 3, 1968

Elvis’s ’68 Comeback Special

Elvis’s famed ’68 Comeback Special aired on NBC on December 3, 1968.  The show was a huge success, establishing that Elvis was again on top of the music world. 

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2001 34¢ Peanuts
November 26, 1922

Birth of Charles Schulz

Famed cartoonist Charles Schulz was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on November 26, 1922.  He created the beloved Peanuts characters, personally creating 17,897 comic strips and overseeing 37 television specials. 

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2003 37¢ Roy Acuff
November 23, 1992

Death of Roy Acuff

The “King of Country Music,” Roy Claxton Acuff, died on November 23, 1992. He was the first living inductee into the Country Music Hall of Fame and is often credited with helping to popularize the style on a larger scale.

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1996 32¢ Songwriters: Hoagy Carmichael
November 22, 1899

Birth of Hoagy Carmichael

Hoagland Howard Carmichael was born on November 22, 1899, in Bloomington, Indiana. A self-taught pianist, composer, singer, and actor, Carmichael composed many of the most popular songs of the Big Band Era.

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1997 32¢ Lawrence Tibbett
November 16, 1896

Birth of Lawrence Tibbett

Lawrence Mervil Tibbett was born on November 16, 1896, in Bakersfield, California. Tibbett was the lead baritone at the Metropolitan Opera for 27 years – totaling more than 600 performances – and also appeared in plays and films.

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1996 32¢ Georgia O’Keeffe
November 15, 1887

Birth of Georgia O’Keeffe

Artist Georgia Totto O’Keeffe was born on November 15, 1887, in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Most well-known today for her close-up paintings of flowers, Georgia O’Keeffe found her greatest inspiration in the rugged deserts of New Mexico.

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1991 29¢ Comedians: Fanny Brice
October 29, 1891

Birth of Fanny Brice

Actress and singer Fanny Brice was born Fania Borach on October 29, 1891, in New York City.  Most well known for her radio character Baby Snooks, she was the inspiration for the musical and film Funny Girl.

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1947 3¢ Thomas A. Edison
October 6, 1889

Thomas Edison Tests his First Motion Picture

Adding to his long list of inventions, Thomas Edison tested his first motion picture film on October 6, 1889.

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2020 55¢ Gwen Ifill – Black Heritage Series
September 29, 1955

Birth of Gwen Ifill

Gwendolyn L. Ifill was born on September 29, 1955, in Jamaica, Queens. The first African American woman to host a national political show and moderate a vice presidential debate, she was widely known and respected for her integrity and ability to remain unbiased.

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