1981 18¢ Savings and Loan
December 4, 1816

First Savings Bank in the U.S.

On December 4, 1816, the Philadelphia Savings Fund Society (PSFS) officially began operations. It’s credited as the first savings bank to be organized and conduct business in the United States.

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1975 10¢ Contributors To The Cause: Haym Salomon Colorano Silk First Day Cover
April 7, 1740

Birth of Haym Salomon

Haym Salomon was born on April 7, 1740, in Leszno, Poland. 

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1975 10¢ Banking and Commerce stamps
December 23, 1913

Federal Reserve Established 

On December 23, 1913, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act, establishing America’s current central banking system.

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 US #3184o from the Celebrate the Century series.  Click the image to order.
October 29, 1929

Black Tuesday Stock Market Crash 

On October 29, 1929, the worst stock market crash in history occurred, marking the start of the decade-long Great Depression.

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 US #1577-78 was issued for the Centennial Convention of the American Bankers Association. Click image to order.
March 9, 1933

Emergency Banking Act

On March 9, 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt passed the Emergency Bank Act (EBA) to provide financial relief during a Depression-era banking crisis.

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1998 32¢ Celebrate the Century - 1920s: Stock Market
March 8, 1817

Establishment of the New York Stock Exchange

On March 8, 1817, the New York Stock Exchange was established out of a reorganization of stockbrokers working under the Buttonwood Agreement.

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