Franklin Roosevelt

1998 32¢ Gospel Singers: Mahalia Jackson
October 26, 1911

Birth of Mahalia Jackson

Mahalia (born Mahala) Jackson was born on October 26, 1911, in New Orleans, Louisiana. The best-known gospel singer in the world and one of the most influential vocalists of the 20th century, she received more acclaim than any other gospel singer, and is said to have been the vocal, physical, and spiritual symbol of religious music.

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2019 55¢ Post Office Murals –
October 16, 1934

The Section of Painting and Sculpture

On October 16, 1934, Franklin D. Roosevelt established the Section of Panting and Sculpture (later known as the Section of Fine Arts).  The Section, as it was called, invited artists across the country to beautify public buildings, including many post offices.

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1994 29¢ WWII: Submarines Shorten War in Pacific
August 18, 1978

War in the Pacific National Historical Park

On August 18, 1978, War in the Pacific National Historical Park was established in Guam. The enabling legislation stated, “In order to commemorate the bravery and sacrifices of those participating in the campaigns of the Pacific theater of World War II and to conserve and interpret outstanding natural, scenic, and historic values and objects on the island of Guam for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations, the War in the Pacific National Historical Park… is hereby established.”

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1974 $200 dull blue & red
June 26, 1934

Firearms Transfer Stamps

On June 26, 1934, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the National Firearms Act of 1934 into law. The act placed a tax on the manufacture and transfer of certain firearms, with new stamps being produced to show the tax had been paid.

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1989 25¢ Black Heritage: A. Philip Randolph
April 15, 1889

Birth of A. Philip Randolph

Asa Philip Randolph was born on April 15, 1889, in Crescent City, Florida. Randolph was a respected and outspoken proponent of the rights of minority labor. He was greatly feared by his opponents, not because of his temperament, but because of his power to create change.

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1952 3¢ Grand Coulee Dam
March 22, 1941

The Grand Coulee Dam

On March 22, 1941, the Grand Coulee Dam first began producing power.  The dam was a project that was years in the making and was completed in time to play its own part in the war effort.

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2001 34¢ American Illustrator Dean Cornwell
March 5, 1892

Birth of Dean Cornwell

Dean Cornwell was born on March 5, 1892, in Louisville, Kentucky. A prominent illustrator and muralist, his work became familiar to many Americans, appearing in books, advertisements, and World War II posters. He was known as the “Dean of Illustrators.”

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1986 5¢ Great Americans: Hugo L. Black
February 27, 1886

Birth of Hugo Black

Hugo Lafayette Black was born on February 27, 1886, in Harlan, Alabama. He’s the fifth longest-serving US Supreme Court justice and historians state he was second only to John Marshall in his impact on the Constitution.

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1992 75¢ Great Americans: Wendell Willkie
February 18, 1892

Birth of Wendell Willkie

Willkie was born Lewis Wendell Willkie on February 18, 1892, in Elwood, Indiana. He switched political parties to run against Franklin Roosevelt in the 1940 presidential election, but later worked with Roosevelt to promote US interests during World War II.

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