George Washington

1960 4¢ American Credo: George Washington stamp
September 19, 1796

Washington’s Farewell Address

On September 19, 1796, the American Daily Advertiser published President George Washington’s Farewell Address for the first time.  It’s considered one of the most important documents in United States history.

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1974 10¢ First Continental Congress: We Ask for Peace, Liberty and Safety stamp
September 5, 1774

First Continental Congress

On September 5, 1774, the First Continental Congress opened in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It marked the first time the colonies gathered together to resist English oppression.

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1951 3¢ Battle of Brooklyn stamp
August 27, 1776

Battle of Brooklyn

The Continental and British Armies engaged in their first fight of the Revolutionary War on August 27, 1776. The Battle of Brooklyn (also known as the Battle of Long Island or the Battle of Brooklyn Heights) was the largest battle of the war.

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1945 Coast Guard stamp
August 4, 1790

Creation of the U.S. Coast Guard

On August 4, 1790, President George Washington passed a new Tariff Act that created the United States Revenue Cutter Service, the forerunner of the US Coast Guard. The Revenue Cutter Service was America’s only armed maritime service until the Navy was formed in 1798.

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1985 8¢ Henry Knox stamp
July 25, 1750

Birth of Henry Knox 

Henry Knox was born on July 25, 1750, in Boston, Massachusetts.  He was George Washington’s right-hand man during the American Revolution and participated in most of the war’s major battles.

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1869 24¢ Declaration of Independence stamp
July 4, 1776

America’s Declaration of Independence

On July 4, 1776, the Second Continental Congress ratified the Declaration of Independence. One of America’s founding documents, it explained why the 13 colonies were at war with Great Britain and that they declared themselves to be independent sovereign states no longer under British rule.

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1932 Washington by Charles Willson Peale
July 3, 1775

Washington Takes Command Of the Continental Army

On July 3, 1775, George Washington took command of the Continental Army at Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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1949 Alexandria stamp
May 2, 1749

Founding of Alexandria, Virginia

On May 2, 1749, the House of Burgesses approved the creation of a town that would become Alexandria, Virginia. George Washington helped plan the town’s street systems and Alexandria was part of the US capital for several years.

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1861 Washington stamp
April 5, 1792

First Presidential Veto

On April 5, 1792, George Washington used the first presidential veto in our country’s history. It was to turn down a bill that he felt unconstitutionally gave some states more members in the House of Representatives than the Constitution would allow.

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