1987 22¢ Special Occasions: Love You, Dad!
June 19, 1910

Father’s Day

On June 19, 1910, one of the first Father’s Day celebrations was held at the YMCA in Spokane, Washington.  It would be another 62 years before it was made a permanent national holiday.

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1991 29¢ Flags on Parade
May 30, 1868

The First Memorial Day 

On May 30, 1868, the first Memorial Day, then called Decoration Day, was held in the United States.  It’s grown to become a federal holiday dedicated to remembering the sacrifices of our fallen soldiers.

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1987 22¢ Special Occasions: Keep in Touch!
April 20, 1987

Special Occasions Stamps

On April 20, 1987, the USPS issued the set of eight Special Occasions stamps, the first “special” stamp booklet.

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2014 47¢ & $1.15 Int'l Day of Happiness
March 20, 2013

The International Day of Happiness

On March 20, 2013, the United Nations observed the first International Day of Happiness. The day was created through a unanimous UN resolution, recognizing that happiness and well-being are as important to a successful society as economic goals.

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1987 22¢ Best Wishes
March 17, 461

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

For centuries, St. Patrick’s Day has been celebrated on March 17, the date generally considered to be the day St. Patrick died in the year 461. St. Patrick’s Day celebrations date back to the 9th or 10th century, but the first recorded St. Patrick’s Day parade was held in North America in the 1600s!

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1968 Law and Order stamp
May 15, 1963

Peace Officers Memorial Day

On May 15, 1963, the US observed its first Peace Officers Memorial Day. It’s a day that pays tribute to America’s local, state, and federal peace officers who have died or been injured in the line of duty.

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1923 American Indian stamp
May 13, 1916

First Native American Day

One of the first recorded celebrations of Native American Day was held on May 13, 1916, in New York. Other states adopted similar days later in the year before the first national celebrations were held in 1976. Today Native American Heritage Day is held in November, which is also American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month.

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1999 33¢ Celebrate the Century - 1960s:
January 20, 1986

First Observed Martin Luther King Jr. Day 

On January 20, 1986, Martin Luther King Jr. Day was first observed as a federal holiday after a decades-long battle.

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 US #2585 was one of five Santa stamps issued in 1991.
December 24, 1955

NORAD Tracks Santa

On December 24, 1955, NORAD’s predecessor tracked Santa Claus for the first time. 

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