Mail Delivery

1997 25¢ Juke Box, non-denominational, linerless coil
March 14, 1997

Experimental Linerless Coil Stamps

On March 14, 1997, the USPS issued two linerless coil stamps on a small scale to test the potentially money-saving format. Despite early positive reviews, the experiment was short-lived.

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1995 5¢ Butte, American Scenes Series
March 10, 1995

American Scenes & American Transportation Series 

On March 10, 1995, the USPS issued the first stamps in two new definitive series – American Scenes and American Transportation. These stamps were created as part of the USPS process of converting its service-inscribed stamps for discounted bulk mail to non-denominational postage.

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1973 8¢ Postal Service Employees: Mail Pickup
March 9, 1858

Street Mailbox Patented

On March 9, 1858, iron manufacturer Albert Potts of Philadelphia patented an early mail collection box.  His mailbox was affixed to a lamp post for the convenience of mailers.

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1986 5.5¢ Transportation Series: Star Route Truck, 1910s
March 3, 1845

Star Routes

On March 3, 1845, a congressional act established star routes.  Businesses would carry mail under contract with the post office on these postal routes.

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1870-71 3¢ Washington
March 1, 1870

Bank Note Series 

March 1, 1870, is the earliest known use of one of the Bank Note stamps, a long-running series of stamps produced by three different bank note companies. These stamps have interesting differences thanks to secret marks, grills, paper varieties, fancy cancels, and more!

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1918 6¢ Curtiss Jenny
February 22, 1921

Transcontinental Airmail 

On February 22, 1921, experimental overnight transcontinental airmail flights between San Francisco and New York were launched. Despite a rocky start, the flights were a resounding success, earning support and funding for expanded service.

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1873 30¢ Official Stamp Post Office
February 20, 1792

Washington Establishes U.S. Post Office

On February 20, 1792, George Washington signed the Postal Service Act, creating the US Post Office.

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2012 45¢ Highway Interchange
February 10, 1941

First Highway Post Office 

On February 10, 1941, the first Highway Post Office began service in the United States. These Highway Post Offices provided mail service to areas that didn’t have passenger train service to bring in the mail.

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1932 2¢ Third Olympic Winter Games
January 25, 1932

First U.S. Olympic Stamp 

On January 25, 1932, the US Post Office Department issued its first stamp honoring the Olympic Games.  Those games were the first to be held in the US.

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