Mail Delivery

1916-17 5¢ Washington, blue
October 17, 1916

The 1916 5¢ Washington & Its Errors

On October 17, 1916, the US Post Office issued a 5¢ Washington stamp. The stamp had small changes from previous issues that went overlooked by collectors, so few were saved. Plus, this stamp spawned some famous errors…

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1996 32¢ Rural Free Delivery
October 1, 1896

Start of Rural Free Delivery

On October 1, 1896, Rural Free Delivery was introduced in a handful of West Virginia towns. Rural free delivery made the mail faster, more convenient, and more valuable, bringing our nation together like never before.

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1916 1¢ Washington, green
September 27, 1916

First Unwatermarked Stamp of the 20th Century

On September 27, 1916, the US Post Office issued its first postage stamp on unwatermarked paper in over 20 years.  The change was in response to war-time constraints, but would become permanent.

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1971 8¢ Antarctic Treaty
September 21, 1924

Birth of Stamp Artist Howard Koslow

Howard Bertram Koslow was born on September 21, 1924, in Brooklyn, New York. Over the course of 40 years, Koslow produced artwork for more than 50 US stamps and postal cards, including the popular and long-running Lighthouse Series.

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1992 29¢ Shield and Bunting Variable Rate Coil Computer Vended Postage
August 20, 1992

Computer Vended Postage Stamps 

On August 20, 1992, Computer Vended Postage stamps were first made available for sale in five test cities.

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1918 $2 Franklin, orange red and black color error
August 19, 1918

U.S. #523 Color Error 

US #523, the 1918 $2 orange-red Franklin error stamp, was first used on or around August 19, 1918. However, it would be two years before the error was discovered.

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1862-64 10¢ Wells Fargo & Co. Local Stamp - Pony Express, brown
August 11, 1862

The Virginia City Pony Express

On August 11, 1862, Wells Fargo inaugurated its Virginia City Pony Express, which carried mail between Nevada mining towns and California business centers.

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1899 1¢ Guam - deep green black overprint
July 7, 1899

U.S. Issues Stamps in Guam 

On July 7, 1899, the US issued its first overprinted stamps for use in Guam. The stamps were rushed into use after the US acquired Guam from Spain following the Spanish-American War.

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1963 5¢ City Mail Delivery Centennial
July 1, 1863

Free City Mail Delivery

On July 1, 1863, the US Post Office inaugurated its free City Mail Delivery Service in part in response to the Civil War. By the end of the first year, 65 cities offered the service and employed 685 mail carriers.

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