Native Americans

1934 4¢ National Parks: Mesa Verde, Colorado
June 29, 1906

Mesa Verde National Park

On June 29, 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt established Mesa Verde National Park, the first American park created to “preserve the works of man.”  It’s since been called “the best cultural attraction” in the Western United States.

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1931 14¢ American Indian, dark blue
March 15, 1913

Death of Hollow Horn Bear

Hollow Horn Bear died on March 15, 1913. A Brulé Lakota chief, he fought during the Sioux Wars, including the Battle of Little Big Horn, and became a spokesman for his tribe.

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 2002 37¢ Masters of American Photography: Timothy H. O'Sullivan stamp
January 14, 1882

Death of Timothy O’Sullivan

Timothy H. O’Sullivan died from tuberculosis on January 14, 1882.  He was a well-known photographer who captured the brutality of the Civil War and the untamed beauty of the Western United States.

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1990 25¢ Cape Hatteras Lighthouse stamp
January 12, 1953

Cape Hatteras National Seashore

On January 12, 1953, Cape Hatteras became America’s first national seashore. Stretched over 70 miles of barrier islands, this seashore is a fascinating combination of natural and cultural resources.

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1994 29¢ Native American Culture stamp
December 29, 1890

Wounded Knee Massacre

On December 29, 1890, one of the last major American Indian battles occurred at Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota. The Wounded Knee Massacre saw the deaths of over 200 Lakota men, women, and children.

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1995 32¢ Stand Watie stamp
December 12, 1806

Birth of Stand Watie

Stand Watie was born on December 12, 1806, in Oothcaloga, Cherokee Nation (present-day Calhoun, Georgia).  Watie was the only Native American to achieve the rank of general during the Civil War and was the last Confederate general to surrender.

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1978 13¢ Indian Head Penny stamp
October 25, 1949

Effigy Mounds National Monument

Effigy Mounds National Monument in Iowa was established on October 25, 1949. The monument protects and interprets the history behind about 200 mounds built by Native Americans centuries ago.

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1968 6¢ Cherokee Strip stamp
September 16, 1893

Largest Land Run in Oklahoma 

On September 16, 1893, some 100,000 people raced to claim 6 million acres of land in former Indian Territory in Oklahoma.  It was the largest land run into Oklahoma and resulted in the establishment of 40,000 homesteads. 

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2018 Crater Lake stamp
May 22, 1902

Crater Lake National Park

Oregon’s Crater Lake National Park was established on May 22, 1902. It’s America’s fifth-oldest national park, the only national park in Oregon, and is home to the deepest lake in the country – Crater Lake.

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