1985 3.4¢ Transportation Series: School Bus, 1920s
June 28, 1926

Birth of Lou Nolan

Stamp and poster artist Louis James Nolan Jr. was born on June 28, 1926, in Washington, DC.  During his long career, he designed several military recruiting posters and over a dozen US stamps.

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2019 55¢ George H.W. Bush
June 12, 1924

Birth of George H.W. Bush

George Herbert Walker Bush was born on June 12, 1924, in Milton, Massachusetts. As America’s 41st president, he led the US through conflicts in Panama and Iraq, helped bring about the end of the Soviet Union, and negotiated treaties to reduce the number of global nuclear weapons. At home, Bush fought against rising drug use and cracked down on the drug trade.

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2021 55¢ Yogi Berra
May 12, 1925

Birth of Yogi Berra

Lorenzo Pietro “Yogi” Berra was born on May 12, 1925, in St. Louis, Missouri.  He is widely considered to be one of baseball’s greatest catchers and best clutch hitters of all time.  

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1961 4¢ Naval Aviation
May 8, 1911

Birth of Naval Aviation

On May 8, 1911, the US Navy purchased its first airplane. This date is celebrated as the birth of US naval aviation.

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2012 45¢ Battle of New Orleans
April 29, 1862

Capture of New Orleans

On April 29, 1862, Union Admiral David Farragut captured New Orleans from Confederate forces.  Capturing one of the Confederacy’s largest cities, known as the “Jewel of the South,” this was a major victory and turning point in the Civil War.

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1998 32¢ Battleship “Maine”
April 21, 1898

Spanish-American War Begins

On April 21, 1898, Spain ended diplomatic relations with America and the US Navy established a blockade of Cuba, marking the official start of the Spanish-American War. The war would last less than four months, but saw the downfall of the Spanish Empire and the rise of America as a major world power with several new possessions.

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2000 33¢ American Samoa
April 17, 1900

American Samoa Ceded to the U.S.

On April 17, 1900, chiefs on the island of Tutuila signed the Treaty of Cession of Tutuila, transferring control of American Samoa to the United States.  The US Navy governed the island for half a century before it became self-governing, but remains an unincorporated US territory.

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1949 3¢ Grand Army of the Republic
April 6, 1866

Grand Army of the Republic

On April 6, 1866, in Springfield, Illinois, Dr. Benjamin F. Stephenson founded the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) to bring together Civil War veterans.  The GAR provided veterans with support and camaraderie and was influential in the creation of Memorial Day and more…

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1995 32c Civil War: Monitor-Virginia
March 9, 1862

The Battle of Hampton Roads

On March 9, 1862, the USS Monitor and CSS Virginia (formerly USS Merrimack) fought in the first battle between two ironclad warships.  The battle changed naval warfare around the world, as major navies halted construction of wooden ships to build iron monitors. 

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