1904 1¢ Robert R. Livingston
November 27, 1746,

Birth of Robert R. Livingston 

Robert Robert Livingston was born on November 27, 1746, in New York City, New York. One of America’s founding fathers, he helped draft the Declaration of Independence, swore George Washington into his first term in office, and helped negotiate the Louisiana Purchase.

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1875 5¢ Zachary Taylor, blue
November 24, 1784

Zachary Taylor Born

Zachary Taylor, the 12th president of the United States, was born near Barboursville, Virginia on November 24, 1784.  A hero of the Mexican-American War, he only served 16 months of his time in office.

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1979 15¢ Robert F. Kennedy
November 20, 1925

Birth of Bobby Kennedy 

Robert F. (Bobby) Kennedy was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on November 20, 1925.  America’s 64th Attorney General, he was one of the youngest cabinet members in history, and is remembered for his dedication to civil rights and fighting against organized crime.

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1989 25¢ North Dakota Statehood
November 2, 1889

North Dakota Admitted to the Union

On November 2, 1889, North Dakota was admitted to the Union as the 39th state.

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1963 5¢ Cordell Hull
October 2, 1871

Happy Birthday Cordell Hull 

America’s longest-serving secretary of State, Cordell Hull, was born on October 2, 1871, in Olympus, Overton County (now Pickett County), Tennessee. Hull was also a driving force behind the the creation of the UN sometimes referred to as the “Father of the United Nations.”

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2020 55¢ Gwen Ifill – Black Heritage Series
September 29, 1955

Birth of Gwen Ifill

Gwendolyn L. Ifill was born on September 29, 1955, in Jamaica, Queens. The first African American woman to host a national political show and moderate a vice presidential debate, she was widely known and respected for her integrity and ability to remain unbiased.

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1972 14¢ Fiorello H. LaGuardia
September 20, 1947

Death of Fiorello La Guardia 

On September 20, 1947, former New York City mayor Fiorello La Guardia died.  Voted the best former mayor in America, he fought corruption and revitalized the city.

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1973 8¢ Lyndon B. Johnson
August 27, 1908

Birth of President Lyndon B. Johnson

America’s 36th President, Lyndon Baines Johnson, was born on August 27, 1908, in Stonewall, Texas. President Johnson promoted a “Great Society” and signed many initiatives into law aimed at civil rights, public broadcasting, health, education, the arts, and public services.

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1958 4¢ Lincoln-Douglas Debates
August 21, 1858

Lincoln-Douglas Debates

On August 21, 1858, Abraham Lincoln participated in the first of seven debates against Stephen Douglas.  Part of a race for an Illinois seat in the US Senate, they became known as the Lincoln-Douglas Debates or the Great Debates of 1858.

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