1960 4¢ American Credo: George Washington stamp
September 19, 1796

Washington’s Farewell Address

On September 19, 1796, the American Daily Advertiser published President George Washington’s Farewell Address for the first time.  It’s considered one of the most important documents in United States history.

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1923 Cleveland stamp
June 24, 1908

Death of President Grover Cleveland

America’s 22nd and 24th president, Grover Cleveland, died on June 24, 1908, in Princeton, New Jersey. He’s America’s only president to serve two non-consecutive terms and was known for his honesty and integrity.

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2000 Patricia Roberts Harris stamp
May 31, 1924

Birth of Patricia Roberts Harris

Patricia Roberts Harris was born on May 31, 1924, in Mattoon, Illinois. Harris achieved several firsts in her life. She was the first black woman to serve as an American ambassador, serve in the US Cabinet, be dean of a law school, and sit on the board of directors of a Fortune 500 company.

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1954 Kansas Territory stamp
May 30, 1854

Kansas-Nebraska Act

On May 30, 1854, President Franklin Pierce signed the Kansas-Nebraska Act into law. The act had been created to settle tensions over slavery and open new lands for development, but instead only proved to create more division and move America closer to Civil War.

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1861 Washington stamp
April 5, 1792

First Presidential Veto

On April 5, 1792, George Washington used the first presidential veto in our country’s history. It was to turn down a bill that he felt unconstitutionally gave some states more members in the House of Representatives than the Constitution would allow.

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1992 Earl Warren stamp
March 19, 1891

Birth of Earl Warren

US Chief Justice Earl Warren was born on March 19, 1891, in Los Angeles, California. He’s considered one of the nation’s most influential Supreme Court justices, with his time on the court referred to as a “Constitutional Revolution.”

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2009 Villard and Bates stamp
March 13, 1872

Birth of Oswald Garrison Villard

Journalist and civil rights activist Oswald Garrison Villard was born on March 13, 1872, in Wiesbaden, Germany. He was an editor of the New York Evening Post and a founding member of the NAACP.

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1879 Webster stamp
March 7, 1850

Webster’s “Seventh of March” Speech

On March 7, 1850, Massachusetts Senator Daniel Webster delivered one of his most famous speeches, the “Seventh of March” speech. It expressed his support for the Compromise of 1850 that would help avert a Civil War but proved disastrous for his Senate career.

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 US #4510 – from the Distinguished Americans Series
January 19, 1905

Birth of Oveta Culp Hobby

Oveta Culp Hobby was born on January 19, 1905, in Killeen, Texas.

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