Revenue Stamps

1974 $200 dull blue & red
June 26, 1934

Firearms Transfer Stamps

On June 26, 1934, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the National Firearms Act of 1934 into law. The act placed a tax on the manufacture and transfer of certain firearms, with new stamps being produced to show the tax had been paid.

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1998 32¢ Battleship “Maine”
April 21, 1898

Spanish-American War Begins

On April 21, 1898, Spain ended diplomatic relations with America and the US Navy established a blockade of Cuba, marking the official start of the Spanish-American War. The war would last less than four months, but saw the downfall of the Spanish Empire and the rise of America as a major world power with several new possessions.

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2016 47¢ Repeal of the Stamp Act
March 18, 1766

Britain Repeals the Stamp Act 

On March 18, 1766, British Parliament repealed the Stamp Act.  Passed a year earlier, the act had placed a direct tax on the colonies for the first time, leading to widespread boycotts.

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 1937 4¢ Sampson, Dewey and Schley stamp
December 26, 1837.

Birth of Admiral George Dewey

George Dewey was born in Montpelier, Vermont, on December 26, 1837.  A hero of the Civil War and Spanish-American War, he was the first, and to date only, person promoted to Admiral of the Navy.

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1937 $1 Marihuana tax stamp
August 2, 1937

Marihuana Tax Act of 1937

On August 2, 1937, President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 into law. The act required all producers, laboratories, dealers, importers, and doctors to register each year to legally buy and sell marijuana.

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 US #RE1 – from the first issue of Wine stamps
October 22, 1914

Wine Stamps

On October 22, 1914, the Emergency Revenue Act was passed, which called for the creation of Wine Revenue Stamps.

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 US #REA3 from the first issue of Beer stamps in 1866.
September 1, 1866

Beer Stamps 

On September 1, 1866, the first US Beer stamps were issued.

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 US #R1 – A 1¢ Express Revenue stamp.
July 1, 1862

The Revenue Act of 1862

On July 1, 1862, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Revenue Act of 1862 into law, to help fund the Civil War.

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1919 $1 grn, engr, ovprnt reading up
February 25, 1919

Narcotic Tax Stamps 

On February 25, 1919, a Narcotic Tax was officially instated.

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