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1967 5¢ Accomplishments in Space
September 29, 1967

Accomplishments in Space Issue

On September 29, 1967, the US Post Office issued its first attached pair of stamps to have a continuous design. Known as the “Space Twins,” the commemorated the 9th anniversary of NASA

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1988 25¢ Honeybee Coil Stamp
September 2, 1988

First U.S. Combination-Process Coil

On September 2, 1988, the USPS issued its first coil stamp printed by two totally different procedures. The Honeybee stamp was lithographed and engraved.

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2012 45¢ Ted Williams Imperforate
July 20, 2012

Modern Imperforates

On July 20, 2012, the USPS issued the first of several modern stamps in imperforate press sheets, which caused quite a stir in the stamp world!

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1947 3¢ US Postage Stamp Centenary
May 17, 1947

Opening of CIPEX 

On May 17, 1947, doors opened on the Centenary International Philatelic Exhibition in New York City. It celebrated the 100th anniversary of America’s first postage stamps with reproductions of America’s first two stamps.

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1900-03 2¢ red Washington booklet pane
April 18, 1900

First U.S. Stamp Books

On April 18, 1900, the US Post Office issued its first stamp books. The books proved to be very popular with the general public and several post offices sold out of their supplies on the first day they were placed on sale. 

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2014 $2.00 Circus Souvenir Sheet Imperforate
December 10, 2014

Scarce Circus Souvenir Sheet

On December 10, 2014, the USPS issued the scarce $2 circus souvenir sheet. Issued in two formats, it sold out before it was even issued, and even scarcer errors were later discovered…

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1916-17 5¢ Washington, blue
October 17, 1916

The 1916 5¢ Washington & Its Errors

On October 17, 1916, the US Post Office issued a 5¢ Washington stamp. The stamp had small changes from previous issues that went overlooked by collectors, so few were saved. Plus, this stamp spawned some famous errors…

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September 15, 1997

Entirely Microprinted U.S. Stamp 

On September 15, 1997, the USPS issued a stamp whose vignette consisted entirely of microprinting. The experimental printing technique was used to discourage and protect against counterfeiting. 

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1918 $2 Franklin, orange red and black color error
August 19, 1918

U.S. #523 Color Error 

US #523, the 1918 $2 orange-red Franklin error stamp, was first used on or around August 19, 1918. However, it would be two years before the error was discovered.

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