Stamp Series

1948 5¢ DC-4 Skymaster Horizontal Coil
January 15, 1948

First Airmail Coil Stamp

The first US Airmail coil stamp was issued on January 15, 1948, in Washington, DC. Only a few more coil stamps would be issued over the next 30 years, but the DC-4 SkyMaster would appear on more than a dozen postal items.

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1893 1¢ Columbian Commemorative: Columbus in Sight of Land stamp
January 1, 1893

Famed Columbian Stamps Issued

On January 1, 1893, the majority the Columbian stamps were first placed on sale in large cities. The Columbians are some of America’s most famous and sought-after stamps, and are considered the first US commemorative stamps.

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1937 3¢ Hawaii stamp
October 18, 1937

Territorial Series

On October 18, 1937, the US Post Office issued the first stamp in a new series honoring the overseas territories of the United States.  These stamps chronicled decades of US territorial expansion.

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2003 37¢ + 8¢ Semipostal - Stop Family Violence, non-denonimated
October 8, 2003

Stop Family Violence Semipostal

On October 8, 2003, the USPS issued its third Semipostal stamp, which raised funds to help stop family violence. 

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1922 11c Hayes, blue, perf 11
October 4, 1922

Series of 1922-25

On October 4, 1922, the US Post Office issued the first stamp in Series of 1922-25. This would be the last stamp series printed by the flat plate press.

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1966 5¢ Johnny Appleseed stamp
September 24, 1966

American Folklore Series

On September 24, 1966, the US Post Office introduced the American Folklore Series.  The series captured the things that make our nation unique.  It honored some of the people and tales that have played an important role in our nation’s culture.

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1978 31¢ Wright Brothers and Plane stamp
September 23, 1978

Pioneers of Aviation Series

On September 23, 1978, the USPS issued the first stamps in its Pioneers of Aviation Series. The series would span more than 20 years and include 18 stamps honoring some of America’s most legendary aviators and their aircraft.

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2017 $1.15 Doves - Int'l Day of Peace
September 21, 2002

International Day of Peace

In 2002, twenty years after it was first established, the International Day of Peace was celebrated on its new permanent date – September 21. Also known as World Peace Day, it’s a United Nations-sanctioned holiday calling for peace and an end to war and violence.

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1970 6c Edgar Lee Masters stamp
August 22, 1970

The American Poet Series

On August 22, 1970, the US Post Office issued the first stamp in the American Poet Series.  The series honored seven prolific American poets.

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