1954 Kansas Territory stamp
May 30, 1854

Kansas-Nebraska Act

On May 30, 1854, President Franklin Pierce signed the Kansas-Nebraska Act into law. The act had been created to settle tensions over slavery and open new lands for development, but instead only proved to create more division and move America closer to Civil War.

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2002 34¢ Greetings From America: Connecticut stamp
January 9, 1788

Connecticut Becomes Fifth State

On January 9, 1788, Connecticut ratified the US Constitution, making it the fifth state to join the young United States.

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 US #1157 was a joint-issue with Mexico honoring its independence from Spain.
August 27, 1918

Battle of Ambos Nogales 

On August 27, 1918, US and Mexican forces engaged in the Battle of Ambos Nogales, amid the tensions of the Mexican Revolution, World War I, and the Border War.

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 US #2336 – Delaware ratified the Constitution on December 7, 1787.
July 4, 1987

Bicentenary Statehood Series

On July 4, 1987, the USPS issued the first in a series of stamps honoring America’s first 13 states.  The series honored each state’s 200th anniversary of statehood as well as the bicentennial of the ratification of the Constitution. 

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 US #1068 was issued for the 150th anniversary of the discovery of the formation.
May 3, 2003

The Old Man of the Mountain

On May 3, 2003, the Old Man of the Mountain rock formation in New Hampshire collapsed. 

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15¢ Oklahoma Land Run
April 22, 1889

Oklahoma Land Run

On April 22, 1889, the first land rush into the Unassigned Lands of Oklahoma kicked off at high noon.

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 US #2204 was issued on the 150th anniversary of the creation of the Republic of Texas.
April 21, 1836

Battle of San Jacinto 

On April 21, 1836, Texan soldiers led a swift attack on an unsuspecting Mexican force at the Battle of San Jacinto.

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 US #1242 was based on an 1848 lithograph of Houston.
March 2, 1793

Birth of Sam Houston

American soldier and politician Sam Houston was born on March 2, 1793, in Rockbridge County, Virginia. 

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1976-2002 50 Stamp Sheet Collection
February 23, 1976

America’s First 50-Stamp Se-Tenant

On February 23, 1976, the USPS issued its first 50-stamp se-tenant.

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