2020 55¢ Gwen Ifill – Black Heritage Series
September 29, 1955

Birth of Gwen Ifill

Gwendolyn L. Ifill was born on September 29, 1955, in Jamaica, Queens. The first African American woman to host a national political show and moderate a vice presidential debate, she was widely known and respected for her integrity and ability to remain unbiased.

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2002 37¢ Women in Journalism: Ethel L. Payne stamp
August 14, 1911

Birth of Ethel L. Payne

Ethel Lois Payne was born on August 14, 1911, in Chicago, Illinois. Known as the “First Lady of the Black Press,” he was the first black female war correspondent in Vietnam and the first black female commentator on a major radio and television network.

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Challenge shuttle stamp
January 5, 1972

Birth of the Space Shuttle Program 

On January 5, 1972, President Richard Nixon signed legislation authorizing the creation of America’s first space shuttle, the “world’s first reusable spacecraft.”

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1999 Mongolia Howdy Doody souvenir sheet
December 27, 1947

It’s Howdy Doody Time! 

On December 27, 1947, Howdy Doody made his television debut on Puppet Playhouse.  Howdy Doody was one of the first TV programs made for children and produced in color.

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 US #3159 – from the 1997 Conductors and Composers Issue
December 17, 1894

Birth of Arthur Fiedler

Famed American conductor Arthur Fiedler was born on December 17, 1894, in Boston, Massachusetts. 

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2003 Gibraltar Christmas stamps featuring the Peanuts
December 9, 1965

Debut of A Charlie Brown Christmas

On December 9, 1965, A Charlie Brown Christmas first aired on television.

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 US #4252 – from the American Journalists issue
November 26, 1912

Birth of Eric Sevareid

Journalist and author Arnold Eric Sevareid was born on November 26, 1912, in Velva, North Dakota. 

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 US #4414j – from the Early TV Memories Sheet
September 28, 1901

Happy Birthday Ed Sullivan 

Legendary TV personality Ed Sullivan was born on September 28, 1901, in Harlem, New York City.

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 US #1119 was issued to mark the 50th anniversary of the school’s founding.
September 14, 1908

America’s First Journalism School 

On September 14, 1908, the University of Missouri School of Journalism became the first such school in the US, and only the second in the world.  (The Superior School of Journalism of Paris opened in 1899.)

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