How do you decide which stamps to encapsulate?

In the past, we only encapsulated stamps with retails of $250 or more.  Recently, we lowered that number to $100 or more.  That means if you buy a stamp from Mystic that’s $100 or more, it will come in archival-quality encapsulation – applied by the same model of machine used by the Smithsonian National Postal Museum.

A Few Exceptions to the $100+ Encapsulation Rule

Some modern stamps with retails over $100 are not encapsulated because the risk of them being damaged is lower due to how the stamps were printed.  The following list are the only stamps not encapsulated under our new $100+ guidelines:

  • US #2542 & US #2544 Used Stamp Sheets
  • US #2870 – Legends of the West Error
  • US #3138 – Bugs Bunny souvenir sheet with imperforate pane of one
  • Modern reproduction sheets of US #C3a, US #292, and US #C13-15
  • US #4694-Present (including modern imperforate stamps)