What are your tax rates and guidelines?

Mystic is required by law to collect sales tax on all purchases shipped to certain states.  The amount of sales tax that will be added to your order is based on the state to which your order is being shipped, the standard sales tax charged in that area, and the total dollar amount of your order.  If you order online, your sales tax will be added automatically.  If you order by mail, you’ll need to calculate it yourself based on your local rates.

Not all customers will be charged sales tax.  See the below chart for individual guidelines by state:

State Sales Tax No Sales Tax
Alabama X  
Alaska   X
Arizona X  
Arkansas X  
California X  
Colorado X  
Connecticut X  
Delaware   X
Florida X  
Georgia X  
Hawaii X  
Idaho X  
Illinois X  
Indiana X  
Iowa X  
Kansas X  
Kentucky X  
Louisiana X  
Maine X  
Maryland X  
Massachusetts X  
Michigan X  
Minnesota X  
Mississippi X  
Missouri X  
Montana   X
Nebraska X  
Nevada X  
New Hampshire   X
New Jersey X  
New Mexico X  
New York X  
North Carolina X  
North Dakota X  
Ohio X  
Oklahoma X  
Oregon   X
Pennsylvania X  
Rhode Island X  
South Carolina X  
South Dakota X  
Tennessee X  
Texas X  
Utah X  
Vermont X  
Virginia X  
Washington X  
West Virginia X  
Wisconsin X  
Wyoming X