About My Order

Why doesn’t the thumbnail image match the condition listed?

We try our best to provide an accurate image of our stamps. Sometimes what we picture is just a representation of the stamp, but no matter what, you will receive the condition you ordered. Some examples of stamp images you may see:

  1. A real image of the stamp in that condition
  2. A representation of the stamp in the condition listed (e.g. a mint stamp with a cancel superimposed for a used stamp)
  3. An image of a mint stamp in place of the listed condition
  4. An “Image coming soon” placeholder

A stamp, coin, or supply is missing from my order. What do I do?

Email us at Mystic@MysticStamp.com with your order number and what’s missing. Or call our Customer Service Department at 1-866-660-7147, weekdays from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm EST. and we’ll get it right out to you. Please allow 7–10 business days for delivery.