American Design Series

American Design Series

The USPS introduced the American Design series in 2002.  In it, “form meets function in works of decorative art: Chippendale chairs, toleware coffeepots, and banjo clocks.

US #3612 Toleware Coffee Pot
US #3612
Toleware Coffee Pot

The first in the American Design Series, the American Toleware coil stamp shows traditional Pennsylvania folk art hand painted on a tin coffeepot. Toleware was also seen on the 1979 Folk Art issues.

US #3757 American Clock
US #3757
American Clock

Using simple hand tools, the early American clockmakers created masterpieces that kept time with precision.  After crafting the mechanism, clockmakers frequently commissioned cabinetmakers to make cases to conceal the pendulum and weights.  The result was a functional yet beautiful piece of furniture.

US #3750 Navajo Necklace
US #3750
Navajo Necklace
The Navajo Indians began silversmithing in the mid-1800s. The silver and turquoise squash blossom necklace on this stamp is a traditional Navajo motif called nazhah, which means “curve.”
US #3755 Chippendale Chair
US #3755
Chippendale Chair

Thomas Chippendale (1718-79) was a British cabinetmaker whose designs – including this style chair – were published and copied on both sides of the Atlantic.

US #3759 Silver Coffeepot
US #3759
Silver Coffeepot

Brewed tea, coffee, and chocolate became enormously popular in the late 17th and the 18th centuries. Wealthy patrons asked silversmiths to craft beautiful pots to serve these beverages.

US #3749A Tiffany Lamp
US #3749A
Tiffany Lamp

With the vision of an artist, Louis Comfort Tiffany created lamps unique in their design and in the process of making the stained glass.

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