American Scenes

American Scenes

According to the USPS, the American Scenes series is a “colorful renderings of mountains, buttes, wetlands, and seascapes, set apart for nonprofit mail use.”

US #2902 Butte
US #2902

This five-cent stamp was issued for use on bulk rate (third class) non-profit mail. It depicts a colorful butte scene and is the first entry in the new “American Scenes” series. The stamp was issued to supplement supplies of the 5¢ Canoe and 5¢ Old Glory non-profit coil stamps and to offer customers more design variety. In 1996, a self-adhesive version was produced to meet consumer demand.

US #2903 Mountain
US #2903

In 1996, this five-cent stamp was issued for use on bulk rate (third class) non-profit mail. It depicts a colorful butte scene and is part of the “American Scenes” series.   Notice the small purple “1996.”

US #2904 Mountain
US #2904

Colorado artist Tom Engeman created the design, which features the snow-covered peaks of a mountain. Engeman also designed the 1995 Butte stamp and the 1996 Smithsonian Institution stamp. Coil rolls of 500 and 3,000 were printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, and rolls of 10,000 were printed by Stamp Venturers. The color of the year date in the bottom left margin distinguished the two issues. The BEP printing bears a violet date, while this Stamp Venturers-produced stamp bears a blue date. This stamp was also issued in the convenient self-adhesive format, US #2904B.

US #3207 Wetlands
US #3207

This 5¢ non-profit rate, non-denominated coil stamp was issued to bring attention to the depletion of America’s wetlands and the important part they play in nature. An important habitat for several species of wildlife, wetlands also help control flooding by absorbing large amounts of water.  A self-adhesive variety, US #3207A, was also issued.

US #3693 Seacoast
US #3693

This coil stamp replaces the non-denominated Wetlands stamp issued in 1998.

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