Stamps with Small Flaws

Stamps with Small Flaws
In addition to stamps in very good and premium condition, Mystic sells stamps with small flaws.

This is a great benefit to you :
Stamps with small flaws sell for lower prices
You usually pay 30-50% off a stamp in very good condition!
You get more stamps for your money.

Most US stamps issued between 1847 and 1940 are available with small flaws.

US #73 Mint vs. Unused
Example of US #73 Mint (left) vs Unused (right) – many collectors can’t tell the difference!

Why Do Some Stamps Have Small Flaws?
Stamps are fragile and often show their age.  Stamps from 1940 back to the first U.S. stamps are 80 to 175 years old.  They may have had a long journey from the place where they were issued so long ago.

What Small Flaws Do These Stamps Have?
Common flaws include a small tear, no gum, thinning (due to a hinge being removed), straight edge, or small stain.  Some flaws can be seen only on the back of the stamp.

These small flaws don’t detract from the beauty and collectability of old and historic stamps.  Virtually every collection, even the greatest ones, likely has some stamps with small flaws.

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