We Encapsulate $100+ Stamps For You

When you buy a stamp from Mystic that’s $100 or more, it will come in archival-quality encapsulation – using the same material used by the Smithsonian National Postal Museum.

With Mystic as your collecting partner, every stamp you purchase has been professionally authenticated by our stamp experts.  Their entire job is to carefully inspect the stamps in our inventory.  We guarantee every stamp we sell is authentic and properly identified.  Unique to Mystic we encapsulate expensive or fragile stamps to protect them in shipping and make them easier to handle.

It’s simple to remove the stamp if you want.  The capsule is large enough for you to cut between the stamp and edge.  Or keep the stamp protected as is.

We’re big fans of having stamps encapsulated and you’ll love it, too.  It sets your mind at ease when handling expensive or fragile old stamps.  You don’t have to worry about wearing gloves or using tongs.  It takes all the stress away from enjoying your valuable classic stamps.  It also makes mailing them to you a whole lot safer.  If an accident should occur and the outer packaging is damaged in-transit, your stamp will be completely safe inside.

Between our expert stamp identifiers and our encapsulation of all high-value stamps, you can always order with confidence when you choose Mystic.  It’s all part of our satisfaction guarantee.

Some Interesting Technical Know-How About Our Encapsulation Machine

Mystic purchased our encapsulation machine in 2009 (the same model as the Smithsonian National Postal Museum).  The encapsulator (also known as an ultrasonic welder) uses high frequency vibrations to weld together two pieces of archival-quality film.  The crystal-clear material we use meets the same specifications as that used by the National Postal Museum.

A Few Exceptions to the $100+ Encapsulation Rule

Some modern stamps with retails over $100 are not encapsulated because the risk of them being damaged is lower due to how the stamps were printed.  The following list are the only stamps not encapsulated under our new $100+ guidelines:

  • US #2542 & US #2544 Used Stamp Sheets
  • US #2870 – Legends of the West Error
  • US #3138 – Bugs Bunny souvenir sheet with imperforate pane of one
  • Modern reproduction sheets of US #C3a, US #292, and US #C13-15
  • US #4694-Present (including modern imperforate stamps)

Should stamps be removed from encapsulation to mount them in an album?

That is up to your personal preference! The encapsulated stamps are able to be mounted. Or, you can take a pair of  scissors and cut one side of the film open, and gently remove the stamp.

Want to see our encapsulation process for yourself?  Click the link below…

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