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2003 37¢ Korean War Veterans Memorial
July 27, 1995

Opening of Korean War Veterans Memorial

The Korean War Veterans Memorial was officially dedicated on July 27, 1995, the 42nd anniversary of the armistice that ended the Korean War. This stamp was issued eight years later and led to a federal court case!

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1992 Japan Invades Aleutian Islands stamp
June 3, 1942

Aleutian Islands Campaign

One June 3, 1942, Japanese forces kicked of the 14-month Aleutian Islands Campaign. The campaign’s two Japanese invasions were the only ones on US soil during the war.

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1919 Victory stamp
March 21, 1916

The Lafayette Escadrille

On March 21, 1916, a group of mostly American pilots formed the Escadrille Américaine. Later named the Lafayette Escadrille, they flew several high-profile missions that encouraged more Americans to join their ranks.

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2018 50¢ World War I:  Turning the Tide
February 5th, 1918

First U.S. Aerial Victory 

On February 5, 1918, US pilot Stephen W. Thompson shot down a German aircraft, making him the first person in the American military to shoot down an enemy plane.

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 US #2585 was one of five Santa stamps issued in 1991.
December 24, 1955

NORAD Tracks Santa

On December 24, 1955, NORAD’s predecessor tracked Santa Claus for the first time. 

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 US #2187 was issued on Chennault’s 100th birthday.
December 20, 1941

Flying Tigers First Combat 

On December 20, 1941, the Flying Tigers engaged in their first battle.

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 US #2152 was based on a photo of US troops retreating from Chosin Reservoir.
November 27, 1950

Battle of Chosin Reservoir 

On November 27, 1950, the Korean War Battle of Chosin Reservoir began – a fighting withdrawal in the bitter cold.

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2007 $4.60 Air Force One Priority Mail Envelope
November 24, 1954

First Air Force One Christened 

On November 24, 1954, First Lady Mamie Eisenhower christened the first plane to be designated Air Force One.

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 US #3964 – from the Distinguished Marines Issue
November 11, 1873

Birth of Daniel J. Daly 

US Marine Sergeant Major Daniel Joseph Daly was born on November 11, 1873, in Glen Cove, New York. 

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