1918 24¢ Airmail stamp
May 23, 1918

First Commissioned Female Airmail Pilot

On May 23, 1918, Katherine Stinson became the first woman hired by the post office to deliver airmail in the US.  She had several other notable firsts and records in her short flying career. 

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2013-20 Global Forever stamps, complete set of 8
January 28, 2013

Global Forever Series 

On January 28, 2013, the USPS issued the first stamp in its Global Forever Series.  These stamps are used on international mail.

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 US #2530 – from the Mini-scapes Series
January 7, 1785

First Known Mail Delivered by Air 

On January 7, 1785, mail was carried by an air vehicle for the first time.

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 US #C54 was issued on the 100th anniversary of the flight in Lafayette.
August 17, 1859

First US Airmail by Balloon 

On August 17, 1859, the first airmail in the United States was carried by balloon in Indiana, from Lafayette to Crawfordsville.

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 US #CZ2 – One of the first stamps issued for use in the Canal Zone.
June 24, 1904

First Canal Zone Stamps Issued

On June 24, 1904, the US issued its first stamps for use in the Canal Zone.

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 US #3921 – The Shooting Star was the first US Air Force plane to exceed 500 miles per hour in level flight and the first American mass-produced turbojet aircraft.
June 22, 1946

First Airmail Carried by Jet

On June 22, 1946, US Airmail was carried by jet for the first time.

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 US #C100 – 1980 Glenn Curtiss airmail stamp.
May 21, 1878

Happy Birthday to Glenn Curtiss

Glenn Hammond Curtiss was born on May 21, 1878, in Hammondsport, New York.  He became interested in bicycles as a young man and was a champion racer, riding bikes he had designed and built.

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1956 3¢ and 8 ¢ Statue of Liberty FIPEX Souvenir Sheet
April 28, 1956

Opening of FIPEX

The Fifth International Philatelic Exhibition (FIPEX) opened its doors to a record 60,000 visitors on April 28, 1956.

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 US #1684 was issued for the 50th anniversary of the first contract airmail flight.
February 15, 1926

First Contract Airmail Flight

On February 15, 1926, the first contract airmail flight was made between Michigan and Ohio.

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