2019 State and County Fairs stamps
September 29, 1841

First State Fair in America

On September 29, 1841, New York held the first state fair in the US. Today it’s the oldest and one of the most highly attended of all US state fairs.

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1958 4¢ Forest Conservation stamp
September 10, 1875

The American Forestry Association

The American Forestry Association was founded on September 10, 1875, in Chicago, Illinois. It’s one of America’s oldest national conservation organizations, with a mission of “Creating Healthy and Resilient Forests, from Cities to Wilderness, that Deliver Essential Benefits for Climate, People, Water and Wildlife.”

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1984 Smokey Bear stamp
August 9, 1944

Smokey Bear Created to Join the War Effort 

On August 9, 1944, the US Forest Service created Smokey Bear to encourage people to prevent forest fires.  The Wildfire Prevention Campaign is the longest-running public service announcement campaign in US history, and Smokey has become an icon recognized around the globe.

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2010 Monarch Butterfly stamp
May 17, 2010

Butterfly Series

On May 17, 2010, the USPS issued the first stamp in the Butterfly Series.  The stamps were created for use on envelopes that couldn’t be sorted on the USPS’s automated equipment, otherwise known as “nonmachinable.”  They’re often used for greeting cards. 

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Merian Botanicals stamp
April 2, 1647

Birth of Maria Sibylla Merian

Naturalist and artist Maria Sibylla Merian was born on April 2, 1647, in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany. Merian spent her life studying insects and plants and capturing them in beautifully detailed paintings and drawings.

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Charles Goodnight stamp
March 5, 1836

Happy Birthday, Charles Goodnight

Cattle rancher Charles Goodnight was born on March 5, 1836, in Macoupin County, Illinois. One of America’s most famous cattle barons, Goodnight helped blaze a major cattle trail and is sometimes referred to as the “Father of the Texas Panhandle.”

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 US #3207 – 1998 5¢ non-profit rate, non-denominated coil stamp perforated 10 vertically
February 2, 1971

Convention on Wetlands

On February 2, 1971, the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance Especially as Waterfowl Habitat, also known as the Convention on Wetlands, was signed in Ramsar, Iran.

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 US #1120 pictures an Overland Mail coach under attack and a map of Butterfield’s route.
October 10, 1858

First Overland Mail Delivery 

On October 10, 1858, the first shipment of overland mail arrived in San Francisco.

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 US #B4 – pictures an Amur tiger
September 20, 2011

Save Vanishing Species Stamp 

On September 20, 2011, the USPS issued its fourth Semipostal stamp, which raises money for wildlife conservation.

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