1918 24¢ Airmail stamp
May 23, 1918

First Commissioned Female Airmail Pilot

On May 23, 1918, Katherine Stinson became the first woman hired by the post office to deliver airmail in the US.  She had several other notable firsts and records in her short flying career. 

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1936 TIPEX Souvenir Sheet
May 9, 1936

Opening of TIPEX

On May 9, 1936, the Third International Philatelic Exhibition (TIPEX) opened at Grand Central Palace in New York City.  The exhibition included the issue of a four-stamp souvenir sheet, a visit from he Hindenburg, and more. 

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1990 Seaplane stamp
March 28, 1910

First Successful Seaplane Flight

On March 28, 1910, Henri Fabre made the first successful powered seaplane flight. Traveling over 1,900 feet and wowing a crowd of spectators, he inaugurated the seaplane and flying boat industry that would flourish for the next several decades.

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1919 Victory stamp
March 21, 1916

The Lafayette Escadrille

On March 21, 1916, a group of mostly American pilots formed the Escadrille Américaine. Later named the Lafayette Escadrille, they flew several high-profile missions that encouraged more Americans to join their ranks.

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1964 Goddard Airmail stamp
March 16, 1926

Goddard’s First Liquid-Fueled Rocket

On March 16, 1926, Robert H. Goddard launched his first liquid-fueled rocket in Auburn, Massachusetts. Though his work went largely unrecognized during his lifetime, today he’s known as the father modern rocketry.

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 US #1193 pictures Friendship 7, which carried John Glenn on the first successful American orbit of the Earth. 
January 31, 1961

Mercury-Redstone 2

On January 31, 1961, Mercury-Redstone 2 launched Ham the Chimp into space.

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 US #C68 was issued on Earhart’s 66th birthday.  
January 11, 1935

Another Notable Earhart Flight 

On January 11, 1935, Amelia Earhart became the first person to fly solo from Hawaii to California.

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 US #2530 – from the Mini-scapes Series
January 7, 1785

First Known Mail Delivered by Air 

On January 7, 1785, mail was carried by an air vehicle for the first time.

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 US #3190a – from the Celebrate the Century – 1980s Sheet
January 5, 1972

Birth of the Space Shuttle Program 

On January 5, 1972, President Richard Nixon signed legislation authorizing the creation of America’s first space shuttle, the “world’s first reusable spacecraft.”

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