1998 32¢ Battleship “Maine”
April 21, 1898

Spanish-American War Begins

On April 21, 1898, Spain ended diplomatic relations with America and the US Navy established a blockade of Cuba, marking the official start of the Spanish-American War. The war would last less than four months, but saw the downfall of the Spanish Empire and the rise of America as a major world power with several new possessions.

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1949 3¢ Grand Army of the Republic
April 6, 1866

Grand Army of the Republic

On April 6, 1866, in Springfield, Illinois, Dr. Benjamin F. Stephenson founded the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) to bring together Civil War veterans.  The GAR provided veterans with support and camaraderie and was influential in the creation of Memorial Day and more…

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1945 3¢ US Armed Forces: Iwo Jima
February 19, 1945

U.S. Marines Land on Iwo Jima

On February 19, 1945, the Battle of Iwo Jima began.  It was one of the bloodiest of the whole war, with over 44,000 combined casualties.

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1942 3¢ Win the War
January 31, 1944

Battle of Kwajalein

The Battle of Kwajalein began on January 31, 1944. Part of the World War II Pacific Campaign, it was a hard-fought, but quick victory for the US, allowing commanders to launch the next battles sooner than expected.

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1987 25¢ Bicentenary Statehood: North Carolina stamp
January 13, 1865

Second Battle of Fort Fisher

On January 13, 1865, Union forces launched the Second Battle of Fort Fisher. The fort, dubbed the “Gibraltar of the Confederacy,” was the largest in the South and key to Confederate international trade.

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1931 50¢ Arlington Amphitheater
November 11, 1921

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

On November 11, 1921, President Warren G. Harding dedicated the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.  Now the final resting place for three unknown soldiers, it is guarded 24 hours a day by members of the Army’s 3rd Infantry Regiment.

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1966 5¢ Marine Corps Reserve stamp
November 7, 1921

Marines Ordered to Guard Mail

On November 7, 1921, President Warren G. Harding ordered 2,200 Marines to guard the mail in the wake of a series of daring mail robberies.

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1962 4¢ Project Mercury stamp
October 29, 1998

John Glenn Returns to Space 

On October 29, 1998, John Glenn returned to space aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery. At the age of 77, he was the oldest person to go into space.

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1992 Marines Land on Guadalcanal stamp
August 7, 1942

The Guadalcanal Campaign

On August 7, 1942, Allied troops landed on Guadalcanal, Tulagi, and Florida in the southern Solomon Islands.  The Guadalcanal Campaign, also known as Operation Watchtower, was the Allies’ first major offensive against the Japanese Empire.

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