2006 39¢ American Diplomats: Robert D. Murphy stamp
October 28, 1894

Birth of Robert D. Murphy

Robert Daniel Murphy was born on October 28, 1894, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was an accomplished American diplomat who helped plan the Allied landings in North Africa during World War II.

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1949 3¢ Grand Army of the Republic stamp
October 21, 1861

Battle of Ball’s Bluff

The Civil War Battle of Ball’s Bluff was fought in Loudoun County, Virginia on October 21, 1861.   Though a minor battle and loss for the Union, it had some long-lasting effects on the war and some interesting historical connections.   

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1929 2¢ Ohio River Canalization stamp
October 19, 1929

Ohio River Canalization Stamp

On October 19, 1929, the US Post Office issued a 2¢ commemorative honoring the canalization of the Ohio River.  It came as the culmination of over 50 years of work on the project, which was a major engineering feat.

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1946 3¢ US Armed Forces: Veterans of World War II stamp
October 17, 1941

The Kearny Incident 

On October 17, 1941, a US ship was attacked and damaged by the Germans for the first time during World War II.  This quickly led to escalated tensions and the sinking of the first US ship by the end of the month.

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1937 4¢ Army and Navy: Sampson, Dewey and Schley stamp
October 9, 1839

Birth of Winfield Schley

Winfield Scott Schley was born on October 9, 1839, near Frederick, Maryland. He served with distinction in the Civil War and Spanish-American War, most notably claiming victory at the Battle of Santiago.

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1950 3¢ Railroad Engineers Issue
October 7, 1826

The Granite Railway

On October 7, 1826, the Granite Railway opened in Massachusetts. Built to carry granite for the Bunker Hill Monument, it’s been called the first chartered and commercial railroad in the United States.

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1946 3¢ US Armed Forces: Merchant Marine stamp
September 27, 1941

Liberty Fleet Day

On September 27, 1941, the first 14 “Emergency” Liberty Ships were launched in what was dubbed Liberty Fleet Day. These ships served with distinction throughout the war, claiming several victories against German U-Boats.

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1978 31¢ Wright Brothers and Plane stamp
September 23, 1978

Pioneers of Aviation Series

On September 23, 1978, the USPS issued the first stamps in its Pioneers of Aviation Series. The series would span more than 20 years and include 18 stamps honoring some of America’s most legendary aviators and their aircraft.

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2017 $1.15 Doves - Int'l Day of Peace
September 21, 2002

International Day of Peace

In 2002, twenty years after it was first established, the International Day of Peace was celebrated on its new permanent date – September 21. Also known as World Peace Day, it’s a United Nations-sanctioned holiday calling for peace and an end to war and violence.

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